Saturday, April 26, 2014


On the whole Easter was just perfect weather wise, despite the forecast. 

The cats were busy doing what they do best. 

It was Bobbem's turn to be hunted this time.

And he was trying to be as unobtrusive as he could possibly be.

Cato has the art of intimidation down to an art. She hardly has to put any effort in to it at all now.

As usual Fred sits around wondering what on earth is happening????

There were Paragliders taking advantage of the perfect weather.

Jumping of Mt Elliot just behind our house.

Of course Easter just wouldn't be the same without a bit of a fire, pity they have to be so smoky though.

It was nice to have some of my children at home. 

Machicho took advantage of a little bit of freedom and went hunting in the long grass in the paddock. We have heaps of baby blue tongues around the yard and she is forever looking for them. Thankfully, they are very good at hiding.
There was good food, more chocolate than we wanted to know about, home made hot cross buns and the best thing ........... time spent with each other

Buddha was very happy even though Easter isn't really his thing. I think he was just glad it was such a lovely weekend for everyone.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Grazing on a wet day.

The owner of the property next to our house stirred up the paddock the other day sowing seed. 

This morning it is drizzling rain and the paddock is being grazed, not by cattle but Ibis looking for their breakfast.

It doesn't matter which way I look there are Ibis everywhere!

On the other side of us are horses who appeared in the paddock last week. There is a chestnut one as well but he seems to be on the outer with these three.

We are still having beautiful warm days although the nights are cooling down a little. Thankfully, the wood shed is full in preparation for the coming Winter. We have had a bit of rain over the past week or so and the country is looking so much better. 
As the rain quietly falls outside I am having a lovely day pottering around in the house. I did venture into town at lunch time which was a dreadful mistake. There are so many people around it took me half an hour to do what should have taken me 5 minutes. Boots, buckles and Akubras seem to be the dress code for the majority of visitors. This weekend the Man from Snowy River Bush Festival is happening in our little town. Thousands head here to take part or watch all that is going on. I have very little interest in the horse events, the bush poetry and the other activities that are happening but I do venture out on Sunday to look at the Art and Photography exhibition and the Market Stalls. I have a stew on the stove, hot cross buns in the making, new curtains hung in the dining room and a basket of ironing waiting to be done. Add to that a pair of jeans just delivered and desperate to be mended for the young man to wear on the weekend and my day has been and will continue to be busy but nice.