Thursday, October 7, 2010

Done and Dusted

Well it is over!!! They have walked the 269km in a week and raised over $8000 in the process. A very good effort.
I headed off the Friday after they left and found them on the road, of course I had to stop and chat for a while especially as I had Beau's girlfriend, Natalie with me.
Still full of energy and with lots of stories to tell. Only two more days to go!!!!
We finally managed to get away from the them and headed off for the rest of our drive to Lakes Entrance. Very handy that my Mum lives there! Nat and I spent Saturday getting a few surprises like a Banner and a celebration dinner sorted.
Sunday afternoon they Officially arrived at Lakes Entrance Post Office with family and friends there to greet them. Nat and I were very proud of our Banner!!! Oh, and we're proud of Beau Elly and Flynn too of course!!!! Sunday night we gathered at Mum's for a celebration dinner. It was nice for all the families to get together and hear the stories from the trip.

Monday they became TV stars when they were interviewed by WIN news.
And after eight days of being together they are still friends!!!!
Poor Machicho found it all very exhausting!!!!!
And nanna was feeling a bit on the short side!!!
Now we can resume life as normal I hope. We can concentrate on getting the school year finished and maybe even with a Pass??  There was some discussion of doing another walk, Elly thought Darwin??? I don't think the boys were overly impressed with that idea at all.


primitive ole frugal mumma said...

oh job well done ...i bet there feet were acheing bye the time they were done must be so proud jackie :-)

Pam said...

yay!!! brilliant job guys. congrats on the wonderful achievement!
and you even got a lovely time away out of it too Jackie! lol. x

Anonymous said...

Well done to a group of young Aussies!!! how proud you must be Jacki.