Thursday, September 22, 2011

Garden Pests

Many years ago my husband planted Bamboo along the side of the yard as a screen. The Golden Bamboo was fine but the other one has been travelling under the pavers and anywhere else it could find. There was also some Ivy that came from somewhere that was becoming a pest as well. Time to pull it out!!!!  It looks absolutely revolting along here now but once the Bamboo roots are out my Rusty tin fence will be extended and a new garden bed put in.

The whole backyard is exposed but I have to be patient because nothing every happens in a hurry here.
At least I will have some bamboo stakes to make frames for the beans this year as well as anything else I can think of to use them for. If anyone wants any just pop in and take them. There  are 100's

Monday, September 19, 2011

Sunday. Picnics and Photography

We packed morning tea and set off for a friends shearing shed. Husband wanted some manure for his vegie garden. While he was busy under the shed filling bags, Nicky gave me a few lessons in manual photography. It is so much easier to work out when there is someone talking you through it and she is really good at explaining it all to me. 

The shearing shed is up on a hill with the most amazing views. I was limited by the lens I have but I think you can see the beautiful country we have here.
This is from the shearing shed looking towards where I live. Waaaay over there!!!
From the hill above the shearing shed. It is behind the trees.
It was a lovely weekend with amazing weather and lots to do. Nicky went home with pots of herbs from the garden , treasures from the Op Shop and a couple of Tadpoles in a jar. Last night I managed to get a couple of hours Quilting done, so all round it was perfect!

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Nicky is home for the weekend and we had such a lovely day yesterday. After a very busy morning at the Op Shop, Second Hand Shop and the local Gift Shop we had a bit of lunch and decided to walk down the lane to check out  where they have been pruning the willows.
It looks very raw and ugly right now but in time they will grow again.

The dogs had a lovely time checking out all the new and interesting smells.

Heading home

While we were walking we noticed there were tadpoles in the water along the side of the road. That started Nicky on the remember when's. 
We took the dogs home, collected up some containers and headed back to see if we could still catch a tadpole or two. 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Yesterday and Today

It is no secret that I am an avid collector of China that is decorated with Violets. I have steadied up a bit in the past year or so because my collection is getting bigger than places to put it. Now days I look for the more unusual pieces and not just anything that has a Violet on it. Every year for my Birthday a very dear friend always turns up with another piece for the collection and she always manages to find something a little bit different. A bowl with holes in it??? Turns out it is a Colander. Bit fancier than the common old stainless steel one I use all the time.
 Another very dear friend sent me this absolutely gorgeous tin spice set which fits perfectly just above the stove. Birthdays bring home to me how truly blessed I am and it has absolutely nothing to do with the gifts.
A special part of my day is a phone call from Betty. She isn't related and we rarely see each other during the year but she never fails to ring and wish me Happy Birthday just because I share the same birth day with her late husband. She turned 90 this year and still lives independently, still drives and doesn't seem a day over 80.
There were lots of other gifts, the one from my husband will be in a later post as I have to set it up in the garden, phone calls and visitors. Two of my sons cooked dinner AND cleaned up . A very very nice day.
Today I went over to where I used to work and bought heaps of seedlings, a couple of azaleas, a jasmine and some other bits and pieces for the garden. They only get plants in a couple of times a year at really good prices but you have to get in early to get a good selection. No time to plant them today as I have to list on my website then put a quilt together ready to hand Quilt. It is for a lady in town who can put a quilt top together but hasn't a clue how to Quilt them so I said I would do it for her. It's only a Cot Quilt so won't take to long I hope. 
But then it is a beautiful day outside, perfect for playing in the garden...................................................

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tomatoes and a gift

A few weeks ago husband visited his cousin at Batemans Bay and was fascinated with the Tomato plants he had hanging in a couple of these. Anyway he sent a couple over for us to try and they arrived today. Normally we don't put tomatoes in until well into October or even early November depending on how long the frosts hang around so it will be nice to get early tomatoes for a change. They are Upside down Tomato planters and we will be able to hang them under the veranda at night for protection. I think they look a bit silly but I suppose it doesn't matter if they work.
On Monday my Sister in law gave me a great big bag with a 'surprise' for me. She thought it might look nice sitting in a corner of the sewing room. Obviously she hasn't seen the sewing room for a while cause there is so much @$%^ in there that it will probably get lost. Maybe one day when I have nothing to do I can find some instructions on how to use it and have a little play??? One day..................!