Sunday, February 28, 2010

Look at my pumpkins Suzie!

Suzanne from Enchanted Moments has been showing us her massive Pumpkin Vine that is taking over her yard.  I thought I would share mine with you though I think Suzie wins.
What started as a self sown Pumpkin Vine has grown into a ever creeping mass of Vine, flowers and Butternut Pumpkins!!!!  It covers the lawn, some of the corner Rose bed, is creeping up the pool fence and is now heading towards the house!!!!!
There are long ones,
Short ones, skinny ones and Fat ones.

and still they come!!! I think the very best ones are........

The Baked ones!!!!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

What's in the Box???

Every now and then Members of The Chocolate Crow Trader collective have a swap. This time it was a Box and Tag Swap. I can' t tell you what I sent because I don't think it has arrived at it's destination yet BUT I can show you what I received.
The lovely Chris of Countin' Crows Primitives and a multitude of other wonderful websites sent me this!!! Needles, wool, a flower template and a piece of wool fabric so I can now have a go at Needle Felting. She made a very sweet little Prim doll who hasn't found a spot yet but I'm looking. The box is covered with gorgeous primmed fabric and the Tag has needle felted flowers and my name embroidered on it. Love it all!!! Such a clever friend to send me these supplies but then she always seems to be able to find the perfect gift.I wonder if it's cause she knows me so well???. Of course as soon as I could I had to sit down and have a play.
And this prim bunny got a bit of needling!!! I think he turned out very well for a first go. It's going to be interesting to see what else I can do with my lovely supplies.....stay tuned!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Camping, a Website and Tattoos

It's been ages since I did a Post that wasn't part of the My Place and Yours meme. I was checking out Nicky's (my daughter) friend Ben's website today and found his pics of where they went camping at Nariel after Xmas. We went up there and had a BBQ tea with them on New Years Eve which was really nice.It rained so hard after we left they came home very waterlogged the next day.It is about half an hour away from where we live now, in a small isolated valley. We lived up there for a couple of years when the kids were little and it was filled with lots of walking, tadpoling, swimming in the Creek, watching Wedge Tail Eagles and other things the kids loved.
You or your older kids may be interested in having a look at Ben's Website. Lots of Interviews with Tattooists, bands,BMX and skateboarding and clothing designers . There are some amazing Tattoos shown in the interviews. Nicky and Ben are trying to teach me to appreciate Tatoos and I do think they are an amazing Art Form though I don't think I will ever succumb to one.  Think I will stick to my nose stud and pierced ears-boring but not so permanent.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Place and Yours-Kitchen

Whatever you love the most in or about your kitchen is the Theme this week chosen by   Tracey   and Nic    My kitchen has been on this blog before my place yours-my collection or some of it anyway so I will put a few more glimpses of it here now.

 I scored this Kitchen cupboard when a local Antique Shop was closing down. It was in the shop on consignment for $800 but the owner didn't want it back so I made an offer of.......$70 (all I had in my purse at the time) and she accepted it!!!!! It takes three men to lift it so maybe thats why she was happy to part with it??? On top are my Rolling pins (wooden and glass) and other kitchenalia. Some of my Chook collection and other bits and bobs.
My Mum found these bottles when she was moving and passed them on to me.  In the background is my tea tin which I found at the local Op Shop ages ago. Looks great in my green and timber kitchen.
And on the floor is an old iron that is currently serving as the door stop. A great door stop but not too gentle on the toes if you happen to run in to it!!! Another thing I love in my kitchen is the polished Murray Pine floor boards. So easy to look after!!!!
Thanks vic for another great Theme this week.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

My Place and Yours-Whats in your Bag?????

Well this week it our Handbag's turn to be scrutinized. Vic has chosen The Textured Leaf as our theme Queen. My bag isn't too bad this week. There are times I despair of finding anything in there but after a holiday at Mum's I did have a bit of a clean out and right now my bag has only the essential stuff in it. (Well Mostly) The floral bag holds all those girlie things you would rather not have spill everywhere if your bag falls over plus a lipstick for a quick tidy up. There is a notebook one of the Reps gave us  at work, my purse, a lollipop (for me! Not to bribe the kids) Tissues, my car keys, loose change that fell out of my purse ( I never do the zip bit up) . A shopping docket, bag of gold coin for beaus lunches, sunnies, phone, pens, tiny pocket knife, little torch and a friends house keys (just in case). Oh and a stubbie top from drinks at my brothers. (Must throw that out.) Nothing too extraordinary. Usually there are a few tissues floating in the bottom, lots of shop dockets, shopping lists etc. You know that stuff that I'm sure multiplies at night when we sleep.

Monday, February 1, 2010

My Place and Yours-Shoes

I'm a rare breed who really isn't a mad shoe collector like a lot of you out there. A pair for work, boots for winter-Black and Blundstones, my little black shoes for most of the year and a pair of sandals. I do have other shoes but I rarely wear them cause I usually go for comfort rather than style.
My daughter gave these to me for Xmas. Great for the stinking weather we have here. I have learnt though to give myself time to put them on as they have two buckles each.

These gorgeous old Baby Boots were a gift at Xmas from a very dear friend. I think they are my absolute favourite pair of shoes!!!!!

And this lovely pair I made yesterday. Not much good for wearing but look very Prim sitting on a cupboard.