Sunday, March 28, 2010

Newbies at our house

My kids are growing up and leaving home so each year it gets a little quieter in my house. I have sent three children off into the world to make their way and have my last and youngest here with me for only a couple more years. As the kids leave my pet family seems to be growing with two new additions lately.
The first is a very cute little  Rooster with trousers on who came to stay two or three weeks ago. Unfortunately his predecessor had an unfortunate meeting with a fox and we are hoping this little fella will have enough sense not to meet the same end. Of course the girls are very happy to have another male around.
  Last Wednesday my up until recently Boss moved and left his little man in my care. I'm not sure whether Merkin will be a permanent part of the family or whether his Dad will come for him when he finds somewhere permanent to live. Now I can hear those of you that know what Merkin means sniggering quietly in the background. for those of you who don't know what it means go here       
A very dear friend has advised me to change his name but that would be mean considering all the changes he has gone through this week. Who knows what sort of psychological damage that would do?
He really isn't as mean as he looks, just a bit out of sorts at the moment. Being an only child it is a huge adjustment coming to my house that already has 2 cats and 2 dogs and people constantly coming and going. Machicho is petrified of him, Cato dares him to have a go whenever she is inside, Maggie pretends he's not there and Rev is still making up his mind.
He is also a very outside cat and is already over being shut inside all the time. He sits at the window looking longingly outside and I'm still not sure whether he just wants to get out or desperately wants to escape this madhouse!!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

MY Place and Yours-Top Drawer

This weeks theme is top draw chosen by Danielle over at Danimezza. I am so late getting this one done but the Computer and I have only briefly made contact in the past week. So many things happening and too much to do!
Anyway I have finally got a minute to get this done and finding a drawer in this house that doesn't have things randomly shoved in them to the point they barely open was a challenge. Luckily I scored a new desk recently and it hasn't had time to be filled with the miscellaneous junk that finds it way into any available space I can find.
I have my Diary, address book, any pen, pencil or marker I find and two tape measures. The Vintage metal one was my Dad's. So not very interesting really, so I thought I would throw another one in.
This was a top drawer of a Vintage sewing Machine. It now sits on a sideboard full of lovely Prim melts. 
After hunting around for a drawer for this Meme I have decided I really need to go around and have a massive clean out and make all my top, bottom and even middle drawers a bit more user friendly! 
For more top drawers head over to  Hello Owl

Monday, March 15, 2010

My Place and Yours-Pink

First she wanted a photo of me and now I have to find pink!!! Danielle over at Hello Owl certainly knows the hard ones for me. I had a wander around and found this.....
This is my Christmas present from my Mum. A very sweet Bear dressed in Pink. So not me but she thought I would like it. Actually it isn't that bad sitting where it does.
My eldest son gave me this throw for christmas. I must admit I steered him towards it. It's not generally something I would choose but something about it appealed to me. As you can see the bear does look right at home here.
That's it I thought, what else could I possibly have as I'm really not one to dress in or decorate with Pink.

Where this come from or why it is sitting on a shelf in the dining room is beyond me...........
Mum gave me this when she was having a clean out and it now lives in my kitchen. Really doesn't suit the colour scheme but does blend in with all the other stuff I have in there.
I trotted up the back yard to my sewing room 'cause I remembered that the matching Bread Bin lived up there.
So while I was up there I rummaged around and found Pink Vintage cottons, Ric Rac, buttons, pipberries, fabric, a Doiley and some Vintage bias binding.
Really I haven't done too badly with the Pink Theme at all.
Thanks Danielle.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Place and Yours-Behind The Camera

My Place and Yours has found a new home at Hello Owl  and Danielle has probably thought of the hardest theme of all-for me anyway. I HATE photos of myself!!! Probably no different than half the population on earth really . Anyway I decided to get in the spirit of things and aimed the camera at myself and happy snapped away. This is the only one I could show you, I promise the rest were a disaster!
Well thats the hard part over...............! In my house I have-a husband, one child if sixteen is still a child ( three other children have grown up and moved away) 2 cats, soon to be 3, 2 dogs, one of which sleeps with us everynight (but she's only little!!), 3 axolotyls, 3 goldfish, a budgie, 4 chooks and my newly acquired yesterday, bantam rooster. I live about 5 minutes away from a small country town, don't like cities, hate the snow and I'm only 3 hours drive from Mt Kosciousko. I work part time at a tolerable but not wonderful job, Sew/create as much as I can and do housework when I have to. I have never met face to face one of my best friends but can talk to her for hours at a time on the phone (which we do often) My favourite shops are Op Shops and Second hand shops, I am a self confessed hoarder/Collector. My husband who doesn't believe in Computers thinks I spend too much time on the Computer but then he hasn't got a Blog and doesn't realise how much time you have to put in visiting all the other amazing bloggers out there!!!!  And that was the easy part.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Treasures!!!!

I don't live in a big town where there are amazing garage sales or stuff left sitting on the kerb where anyone can pick it up. I see Blogs with posts about their weekend treasures and wish I had the chance once in a while to find the wonderful treasures they share with us. But then I get these.......
Six Dinner plates with my much loved Violet Pattern on them, in mint condition from my husband. A little Anniversary present. I have looked everywhere for Dinner Plates so I can actually use my Violet China if I have dinner guests. No idea where he picked them up from but very happy he did.
A chance visit to my Brothers on the weekend saw me coming home with these.........

There are four chairs in need of a little TLC but much nicer than the ones I have now. And then I was given this one last week
which will sit nicely at the table with the other ones once I tidy it up a bit.The ways things are going I'm sure the sixth chair will find it's way here so I can complete the set.
Really I am doing alright even with the lack of Garage Sales and I don't have to get up early to get the bargains AND it is way way cheaper!!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

 Needle Felting project number 2. I got some more wool roving from Ebay, brighter colours than the wonderful primmy ones I got in my swap from Chris. This Easter Egg has a Primitive Tulip needle felted on it and is made from Wool Batting. I stained it when done with Parisian Essence. Looks much much nicer in person and looks wonderful with the Bunnies that go with it. It is amazing what you can do with the needles when you think of it....attaching bunnies fluffy tails is much easier now!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It's just a little thing but............

Sadly this photo of my clean kitchen is very exciting to me. It is 1.30pm and it is just the way it was at 9am. Those of you with kids home all day especially if they are Teenagers will know why I am excited. Three gone and one at school all day. Bliss!!!