Monday, July 22, 2013

Taking a break

Just over a week ago I headed off to my sisters at Batemans Bay.It was nice to have a week of warm days and being by the sea.

I saw Dolphins in the distance

Spent time with Buzz

 And Dave

 Celebrated my nephew's 18th Birthday

 My husband and daughter came over on Friday and Saturday morning my brother in law took us out fishing

 More Dolphins, much closer this time.

 Pelicans waiting for us when we got back to the boat ramp

 Nick was very proud of one of the fish she caught

 We had a reasonably good few hours fishing. We popped out and bought some Oysters and Prawns to go with the fish and had a seafood banquet for dinner on Saturday night.

Sunday was another beautiful day of sunshine and warmth.

We stopped and checked out the pirate ship 'Notorious' on our way home from the Market.

It was really hard coming home to this. Snow on the mountain near our house, rain and freezing cold. It is enough to make me wonder whether I should be moving to where I was warm for a lovely week!