Monday, November 28, 2011

Birds at my house

Everyday this greedy Currawong flies on to the verandah and steals the dog pellets. It is something that happens every year and there are sometimes two or three sitting in the Japanese Maple waiting for their chance. 

Lots of water birds in the paddock near the house and even in the yard. A testament to how much rain we have had this year.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Rats and Roadside warnings

Husband headed off to Gippsland Wednesday night to give his Brother in Law a hand with his harvesting for  a couple of days. It was present enough just to have a couple of days at home on my own but he went and bought the rain gauge for my garden on his way home. He said it reminded him of our Ratty Rats.
It  did a wonderful job measuring the almost 2" of rain that fell over night.
And then he pulled this out of the back of the ute!!! An old kerosene road warning lantern!!!
Complete with the little kerosene burner inside.  There is even a wick in the burner so as soon as I can find the kerosene I am going to see how it works.
He is getting very very good at bringing me home perfect treasures.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Op Shop Swap has arrived!!!!

There was much excitement this morning when a  big parcel arrived in the mail. So many lovely things sent to me by Lisa of Sweet Little Pretties as part of The Op Shop Swap! A sweet little Xmas gift bag with tea bags, a handmade coaster and a too cute Gingerbread man. An Art to Heart Christmas Quilt pattern, a French Vanilla Soy candle and a Christmas card. I don't know if Lisa is physic or just very very clever because she has chosen the perfect jug for me.I have four other pieces with exactly the same pattern on it.
I'm feeling very spoiled today!

Knowing Lisa knits I found her some gorgeous Vintage knitting wool,needles and a Vintage New Idea knitting book. I made these sweet embroidered Babushka Dolls for no reason other than I thought they were something she might like. For a Christmas themed item I made a Patchwork Table Runner in Christmas colours but not Christmas fabric, then it can be used any time of the year.
I hope she is as happy with the parcel I sent to her as I am with hers!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sometimes I wonder what he is thinking......

I went out to the front gate this morning to get a photo of the roses falling all over the fence. The apricot one is an absolute picture this year.
While I was out there I had to take a photo of  this...........
I saw husband wander down the drive with something in his hand yesterday but didn't take too much notice. Obviously he is a bit over the drive way at the moment.
And he told me this was a Scarecrow???? Well the beginning of one anyway.  Apparently some garden art is on it's way.........
Goal Keeper Buddha came to stay when a friend moved away. He quietly moved his way into the Garden this morning because husband thought he might be sick of standing out near the shed!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

MPAY-My Favourite piece of clothing.

This week the theme for My Place and Yours is My Favorite Piece of Clothing.  Way back in December 2009 in a previous MPAY life I showed my favourite clothing  and sadly they still are my favorites. It goes to show that Vintage stays in fashion all the time!
This afternoon I had a phone call from a cousin I haven't had contact with for years. She wanted to let me know she had just finished a Family Tree of my Dad's side of the family and was sending me the link to the Tree in Ancestry.  Can you believe we are actually descended from First Fleeters? Not that knowing that will change my life at all but it's an interesting talking point.
So Family Trees got me thinking about my Dad and I remembered a piece of clothing I had of his that is perfect for this post. It is one of three of his baby dresses. Now you have to remember that my Dad would have been 84 this year so dresses were quite acceptable on baby boys back then. It is in really good condition for it's age. A few holes and a stain or two but very very sweet.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Kookaburras in the garden

These two were making a lot of noise out in the yard this morning so I took the chance and managed to get a nice photo of them. Mum and child I think as one was feeding the other. Another of the Kingfisher family
On the way back to the house I saw that Nanna's Rose was flowering. That's not really it's name but we call it that. My Grandmother had it growing in her garden and I know my Mum and her older sister took cuttings and had it in their gardens. Mum gave me a piece a long time ago and I think it is the only one in the family now. It's a nice family tradition I think.
And finally this is where we are up to with the Herb Garden. Most of the beds are dug up and half have new soil. There is a tap on the side of the middle bed as well.

For those of you who were concerned or just freaked out (fancy screaming in your office!!) the Spider has disappeared from the Loo this morning.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Spiders, Cats and the Garden

Lurking in the loo first thing this morning

After the fight!!
I wasn't quick enough to get the camera when the fight was in progress but you can see the fur on the ground. It was funny watching them walk away, the warning glances and finally going off to their separate corners. These fights happen continually during the day and in between they seem to tolerate each other. They sleep in the laundry at night together and never fight in there!!

And finally a couple of things in the garden this morning