Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Place and Yours-What I'm Reading

The 'My Place and Yours' Meme is finally back thanks to our new hostess Vic from Punky & Me Our first theme for 2010 is........What I'm Reading
This is a wonderful Meme as I am a self confessed readaholic. One of those people who read cereal packets in desperation cause they finished reading every book, magazine, newspaper etc in the house!
On top of my list of What I am Reading, not because I want to but because I have to (See previous post!) is...

I probably should find one of those Self Help books on easy ways to relieve stress and tension just by controlled breathing (and maybe a few muttered swear words!) Beau and I argue when I help him with his homework so we are set for a wonderful time shut in the car together. Maybe his Father better do this one?

This is one of my favourite Craft mags since it was recommended to me by a friend. Only thing is I get so jealous of all the gorgeous homes and craft in them. AND they only come out four times a year. A very long time between drinks.

I am reading this at the minute. I love Fantasy novels, horror and really good Thrillers. I suppose it helps me get through my otherwise very ordinary life. When I finish this one, I have the next one standing by.....

and with any luck I will have part Three before I finish . That's if the local Library can get it. They have a habit of having only a couple of books out of a series. Usually the second one or last one is missing. Luckily Borders can usually supply the missing one .
I love to read in bed, snuggled up early in the morning when the house is quiet. Tomorrow I will be reading at the Beach cause I am heading off over the mountain first thing in the morning to visit my Mum. No husband, no kids, just Machicho and I for five whole days!!!! Every now and then I need a hit of surf and sand to keep me sane.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Get off the Roads!!!!

Yes, once again I am the parent of a Learner driver!!! This is my third go at it, child number 4 is on the road. Child 3 has absolutely no interest in getting his licence, at the moment he has very little interest in anything much apart from 'Living the life!' whatever that is.
It has been bad enough lately, everytime I pick up my car keys, my little dog hears the rattle and is at the car quicker than you can blink. She loves a drive. Now the rattle of the keys will have her and my Teenage son waiting at the car.
Wish me luck, I think I am in for a lot of Road Rage in the next two years and most of it will be IN the car!!!!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010


If I ever need Halloween or sewing themed buttons I am set. Thanks to my wonderful daughter I have these gorgeous buttons to play with.


I have come to the conclusion that Buttons are like Clothes. No matter how many you have you never have what you want when you want it!
Today I have had hours in my sewing room which is a rare thing at the moment with Ben claiming it as his bedroom while he is home from Uni. It has been lovely finishing things off and starting new projects.
But then came the Button dilemma. I needed Brownish buttons for eyes. not hard you think, well they had to be just the right Brown you know.

In this jar are probably half of my Brown buttons and it took half an hour to sort through and find almost the right buttons. Not perfect but they had to do.Every time I had need of a Button which seemed to be often today, the right one was impossible or very hard to find. And you can forget about trying to find two the same!!!
I did have a look in here..........

and in here......

and even in this lot.....

Maybe I should have pulled the Jar of red buttons, blue buttons, yellow buttons or Green ones off the shelf too. Or one of a multitude of other jars with round and sometimes not round treasures inside.
So after so much trauma I have decided to start 'collecting' even more buttons so the chances of having just the right one when I need it are higher than they are right now.
I better go now, I have to go through my fabric stash cause I'm sure there will be just the right piece of fabric for that other project I started...........................

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Little Present.

Just picture me at work on Saturday morning, it is 30 something ridiculous and the airconditioning has decided to die. Perfectly set to have a really awful morning really. Then along comes a lady I used to work with who has brought me a 'little' present

There are a lot of Doilies here!! How much better the day turned out with that one kind gesture. Her dad has just moved into Town and in the unpacking she has found all these Doilies of her Mum's and Grandmothers. Amazingly she has remembered that I collect and use them and has passed them to me to use them as I want. 

Gorgeous!!!! Now I just have to decide whether I will use them or try to get the stains out and put them in my Collection. Yes, they are something else I collect (you all know I am a hopeless hoarder!!!)

Thursday, January 7, 2010


I received some lovely gifts this Christmas too many to list actually. My daughter was extremely generous and the thought she put into each parcel was overwhelming. Everything was perfect and showed just how well she knows her Mum. The thought that goes into a Gift is usually more special than the actual Gift itself, knowing that someone cares enough to go to the trouble of finding the perfect thing for you.
One gift I received this year brought tears to my eyes, it was so special not only for what it was but also the sentiment behind it. From a friend of a few years now, one I can (and do) talk to for hours at a time about everything and we are in touch nearly everyday.  Only thing is, we have NEVER met face to face!!!

I told someone last night that she had sent me a scruffy old pair of second hand boots with holes in the toes. But they are so much more than that! High Button Boots from the USA Circa 1900 How sweet are these? In her usual fashion she also sent me a story to go with the Boots.

I think the greatest gift she has ever given me is her friendship and love. The Boots are just a bonus :)

This leads me into my sort of New Year Resolution meet at least one, hopefully more than one of the friends I have made since I joined The Chocolate Crow Trader. We talk about 'One day when...' all the time, we phone, email and meet in the Chat room, we have similar interests, values and can talk to each other till the cows come home about everything from our latest creation to what a crappy day we have had. It just doesn't seem right that I have never met some of my very best friends face to face so I am determined that it WILL happen. There is another Best friend I have known for over 30 years, who lives an hour away and I never get to see her either. How slack is that?  This is going to change as well. You have all been warned...I am on my way!