Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Place and Yours-What I'm Reading

The 'My Place and Yours' Meme is finally back thanks to our new hostess Vic from Punky & Me Our first theme for 2010 is........What I'm Reading
This is a wonderful Meme as I am a self confessed readaholic. One of those people who read cereal packets in desperation cause they finished reading every book, magazine, newspaper etc in the house!
On top of my list of What I am Reading, not because I want to but because I have to (See previous post!) is...

I probably should find one of those Self Help books on easy ways to relieve stress and tension just by controlled breathing (and maybe a few muttered swear words!) Beau and I argue when I help him with his homework so we are set for a wonderful time shut in the car together. Maybe his Father better do this one?

This is one of my favourite Craft mags since it was recommended to me by a friend. Only thing is I get so jealous of all the gorgeous homes and craft in them. AND they only come out four times a year. A very long time between drinks.

I am reading this at the minute. I love Fantasy novels, horror and really good Thrillers. I suppose it helps me get through my otherwise very ordinary life. When I finish this one, I have the next one standing by.....

and with any luck I will have part Three before I finish . That's if the local Library can get it. They have a habit of having only a couple of books out of a series. Usually the second one or last one is missing. Luckily Borders can usually supply the missing one .
I love to read in bed, snuggled up early in the morning when the house is quiet. Tomorrow I will be reading at the Beach cause I am heading off over the mountain first thing in the morning to visit my Mum. No husband, no kids, just Machicho and I for five whole days!!!! Every now and then I need a hit of surf and sand to keep me sane.


Vic said...

Oooh, that first read looks like a real nail biter! I had one driving lesson with my Mum when I was 16 & it put me off learning to drive for 10 years!!! I only just got my Ps last week! Thank goodness for a lovely & patient driving instructor with dual controls... ;)

Thanks for playing along!

Pam said...

Well you seem to have enough to keep you going for .....maybe......3 days!! What you going to read for the rest of the time Jackie! lolol.
Like the fantasies and thrillers, but not keen on horrors.
Have a great time unwinding. Will miss you greatly in chat. :0) xxxx

Kate said...

Good luck with the driving thing. I can imagine it would be incredibly stressful. I am not looking forward to that stage at all. At least you have your dog for company in the car.

Enchanted Moments said...

Have a beautiful peaceful time away visiting your mum Jack.
Read, read,

Miss Prudence said...

Don't you love the things we parents HAVE to read!

Can I come to your Mum's too? It sounds perfect! ; )

Have fun!