Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Power of Praise

I  always praised my children when they proudly held up a drawing they had been working on for hours, or brought me the first sentence they wrote, even if I didn't have a clue what the picture was or what words they had written.They are growing older and leaving home but I still tell them how proud I am of what they are doing no matter how big or small the achievements are. I know my small words of encouragement or an enthusiastic 'well done' make them feel good and gives them confidence but I just didn't realise how good it can make you feel.
Since starting my Website my children have been my greatest supporters giving me words of encouragement and telling me 'well done'. The website is nearly a year old and my Daughter still makes sure she emails  to tell me she especially likes something I have done or just a simple 'well done Jackie' and my sons check out what I am making and sometimes ask if they can have one of those or tell me that is pretty cool Jackie. There is no feeling like it, really there isn't!
Even though it isn't an effort, make the effort to praise your children and your partner, your friends and family on their achievements no matter how small they are. It is a wonderful gift to give someone.
Never underestimate the The Power of Praise

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Every year I wait patiently for my Blue Rhododendron to flower. It has been knocked around by the drought but still manages to put on a show.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Good Morning

This is what I have come up with for my Blog. I love the old photo, it reminds me of photos of my cousins and myself sitting on the steps of my cubby house.
Absolutely gorgeous day outside today. I am buzzing around cleaning the house and getting distracted with things I have been thinking about doing for ages. Moving furniture, going through books and sorting know those things you really should do when you have heaps of time. Now I am sitting here playing on the computer!
Better go do some more..........

Sunday, September 20, 2009


 Today has been an easy day after working most of the week and spending the bits in between playing catch up. I started slowly giving the axolotyl tank a bit of a clean as it was getting very murky. Then off to the sewing room to whip up a couple of things for the Website. I found this Crow already cut out and he turned out beautifully. It was good to unwind today and not race around trying to do 100 things at once. There is always tomorrow.
Because I finished putting up my new items on the Website much earlier this week, I decided to have a play with my Blog. I love my Website and have absolutely no desire to change it but I've decided that the blog is something I can fiddle around with. So if it changes a few times over the next few days be patient cause I will find what I want eventually

Sunday, September 13, 2009


This little one slipped the group photo. I called her/him a Stump doll for want of a better title. Any suggestions?

The new guys

As promised here is a pic of my new creations. I had so much fun making these guys and they turned out perfectly!!! I have just finished putting them up on my Website so if you see something you like you know where to go to find it.
It has been a beautiful weekend here, very warm. I have spent most of it getting the garden tidy as it was disappearing very quickly under weeds. Much much better now though I am feeling muscles I forgot I had. 
The sky is getting darker and the rain will be here very soon. Typical Spring weather I suppose.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

designing again

I'm constantly wondering when my life got too busy to find time to sit down and draw up my own designs. I know I had the time once but it seems to have vanished of late. I love my Website and making things every week but all I have time for lately is making up other peoples patterns. Of course they are only patterns that I love but still....they are other peoples.
Today I decided enough was enough and I found some time to draw up some dolls that have been trying to come to life for some time. They are coming along beautifully though I must admit they definitely will not be most peoples cup of tea. Sometimes you just have to do something to please yourself and not worry about whether it will sell or not and thats just what I'm doing.
They will make their first public appearance on Sunday night both here and on my Website, not even a sneak peak before then....Sorry

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Halloween Ornies

Spring is here and we have already had some lovely days this week. It's amazing how the warmer weather makes you feel just a little bit better about things. All the rain we have had has really got the weeds going in the gardens so hopefully tomorrow I can get out there and tidy up a bit.........although there is more rain forecast.
I hope everyone remembered to ring their dad for Father's Day or helped their children make their Dad's Day a special one. my boys are busily preparing Dinner...the only request was Golden Syrup Dumplings!!
This week I have finished my Chocolate Crow Trader halloween Items which go up on the 15th of September. I will pop up a reminder closer to the Day.
My new items for the Website this week are little bits!! Halloween Ornies that you can group, add to your other Halloween items or just pop up on a shelf somewhere. I think this week will be the last week I make Halloween Items as I'm a bit over Bats and Witches Hats!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

My First Post

My first post........exciting? Maybe. Scary? Nah used to nattering on. Maybe just a touch of apprehension that I may not say anything interesting enough for people to want to read.
A very nice young man I have met recently gave me a lot of very good advice on getting people in touch with my Website and keeping people in touch with what I am doing so here I am. I'm not sure what form my Blog will take, whether it will be a regular ' hello this is what I am up to' sort of thing or if it will be mainly news on what's happening with my Craft. We will embark on this journey together and see where it leads us.......