Sunday, September 6, 2009

Halloween Ornies

Spring is here and we have already had some lovely days this week. It's amazing how the warmer weather makes you feel just a little bit better about things. All the rain we have had has really got the weeds going in the gardens so hopefully tomorrow I can get out there and tidy up a bit.........although there is more rain forecast.
I hope everyone remembered to ring their dad for Father's Day or helped their children make their Dad's Day a special one. my boys are busily preparing Dinner...the only request was Golden Syrup Dumplings!!
This week I have finished my Chocolate Crow Trader halloween Items which go up on the 15th of September. I will pop up a reminder closer to the Day.
My new items for the Website this week are little bits!! Halloween Ornies that you can group, add to your other Halloween items or just pop up on a shelf somewhere. I think this week will be the last week I make Halloween Items as I'm a bit over Bats and Witches Hats!!!

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Pam said...

Your ornies look great Jackie. Well done. (just taking a few mins to check my e mails before