Sunday, March 27, 2011

Not quite Pearls...........

Still waiting for my Pearls for my 30th Anniversary (not that I really want Pearls). In the meantime Husband brought these back from his holiday up the NSW coast.
A gorgeous old wooden ladder he spotted while out riding his bike. Actually hurried back and got the Ute cause he knew I'd love it.

These jars are perfect!! He found them in an Antique shop. He always used to tell me he never knew what to buy as a present for me but I think he finally has it all worked out.
Not Pearls..............something so much better!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I only remembered today that I had a couple of pieces of Treasure to show you that I picked up while I was away. One in particular is very special.

Bread boards. The plain one I picked up for a couple of dollars at a second hand shop. Mum gave me the one with Bread carved into the top, it was my Nanna's so a very special addition to my kitchen.
Now anyone that knows me knows that I have a bit of a thing for chairs especially old wooden ones.. There are a growing number in my house so when I found......
this sweet little piece I had to have it for my own. It hasn't found it's 'place' in the house as yet but I'm sure there is the perfect spot somewhere.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Just needed something to brighten up the corner and these were perfect!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

In my Garden yesterday.

The apple tree in our backyard is such a busy place this time of year. Parrots, sparrows, finches, wattle birds, magpies and cockatoos are frequent visitors to this one tree.
And it's not only the birds that come looking for the apples. Both the dogs love apples and are quite often found sitting up the yard chewing on one.
Mudlarks are coming into the garden as well. It has been such a long time since we have seen any around here.  There are so many birds in our garden Wrens. Tree Climbers, Wagtails, Dollar Birds, Robins, Galahs, Kookaburras, Currawongs,Ducks and even rare visits from a Kingfisher

It's not only the birds that enjoy the garden at our house. This little trio are more than likely on the trail of the poor little lizards.
One day I'm sure these two will be best mates?????
For now Cato tolerates Fred and gives him a swipe every now and then just to let him know who's Boss.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Creating Again!!!

The sewing machine has been dusted off and after three months something has actually been created in the sewing room.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


You know it's Autumn at our house when the Golden Ash turns yellow. The shadows in the yard are getting longer and the mornings are crisp.
 The Hawthorn tree is covered in berries and the parrots are feasting. 
It really is a beautiful time of the year!

Thursday, March 10, 2011


We always have a lot of frogs in the garden and the pot plants. They climb on the windows at night and leave their sticky footprints everywhere. There are a couple that live near the pool as well and sit on the edge at night. Not a problem at all really. But this week the great outdoors has invaded the house. Beau found a frog behind the toilet door which he quietly asked me to put outside. Last night there was one hopping along the hall quite happily and was promptly put out as well. I have no idea how they get in or why they would want to but it does explain why occasionally I find mummified frogs under furniture.

Friday, March 4, 2011


My son Beau rang me today to tell me that my Maggie had died. He also wanted to know where I would like him to bury her. We don't know if it was Snake bite or a car, but it really doesn't matter.
It will be strange when I get home on Sunday and not have her there.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Holiday Continues.........................

Tuesday blew a gale so visited a winery, drove to a small seaside town for lunch and then dinner out at the Club. I think I've been out for meals enough now. 
Another perfect day yesterday and husband decided that he wouldn't be outdone in the fishing by his son so off to Marlo we went. This time we only brought one fish home but had a really good day. Ben will be happy he caught more fish than his father, I bet.  Took the little dog with us and she had more fun than she has ever had in her life!!!! From chasing seagulls up and down the beach to jumping in the water after the (multitude of) undersized fish we threw back. She absolutely hates getting her feet wet at the best of times so her curiosity really got the better of her. She buried a toad fish and did her best to eat our bait.
Across the water the Marlo Jetty was busy, lots of boats were out on the water all looking for the elusive fish too.
  A brilliant view of the Slips. My childhood playground!!!

Eventually we had to leave. 

 For a Beach baby living in the mountains it has been wonderful getting sand between my toes again and visiting places that bring back happy memories of my childhood!!
(Machicho slept all the way back to Mum's and collapsed on the couch when we got there. had to wake her up to feed her and take her to bed!!)