Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Holiday Continues.........................

Tuesday blew a gale so visited a winery, drove to a small seaside town for lunch and then dinner out at the Club. I think I've been out for meals enough now. 
Another perfect day yesterday and husband decided that he wouldn't be outdone in the fishing by his son so off to Marlo we went. This time we only brought one fish home but had a really good day. Ben will be happy he caught more fish than his father, I bet.  Took the little dog with us and she had more fun than she has ever had in her life!!!! From chasing seagulls up and down the beach to jumping in the water after the (multitude of) undersized fish we threw back. She absolutely hates getting her feet wet at the best of times so her curiosity really got the better of her. She buried a toad fish and did her best to eat our bait.
Across the water the Marlo Jetty was busy, lots of boats were out on the water all looking for the elusive fish too.
  A brilliant view of the Slips. My childhood playground!!!

Eventually we had to leave. 

 For a Beach baby living in the mountains it has been wonderful getting sand between my toes again and visiting places that bring back happy memories of my childhood!!
(Machicho slept all the way back to Mum's and collapsed on the couch when we got there. had to wake her up to feed her and take her to bed!!)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie,

Great photos- I'm glad you're having a lovely time! Enjoy! :) Barb x