Monday, February 28, 2011

It's a Beautiful day!

How cute are these? They were feeding right in front of where we parked the car.
A stroll across the Footbridge to the beach. It really isn't as long as it looks.
Machicho had a ball though she kept well away from the water. She hates water at the best of times but was really freaked out when it chased her!
All that running around and she managed to get her harness tangled. I think she was glad to have a rest.

Today is our 30th Wedding Anniversary (Pearl), amazing we have got this far!!!!  This morning I received a gorgeous bunch of flowers and tonight we are booked into a lovely Seafood Restaurant for dinner. A very nice start to my last week away though I'm still waiting for my Pearls............


Enchanted Moments said...

Congratulations...but still, being by the beach today, and seafood on the agenda tonight...its all to do with the sea....just order oysters tonight, and you might get lucky!!!
That is, you might get lucky and find a pearl...hee hee..xx

simplestitches said...

congrats on your anniversary!
I hope you do get those pearls....
cheers Julz

Pam said...

Chasing you by 2 years Jackie! Flowers, seafood dinner out at a lovely restaurant and staying at the beach! All pearls in my eyes. I could definitely do with some of those type pearls.
Maybe the rool ones are waiting for you at home. ;D
Congrats to you and Ross. Hope you had a wonderful day. Sorry I missed it. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie,

Congratulations on your recent 30th Anniversary! I hope you got those special pearls! :) Barb x