Monday, July 30, 2012

Sweet Little Things About Me-Something We don't know about You

Lisa wants to know something about us this week that people may not know about us..............
There are probably a million things that I haven't shared on my Blog, mainly because they probably aren't that interesting or are old what to share?

A few years ago I had a project in Homespun Magazine which was scary and exciting at the same time. A little Quilt for the Easter Edition.  Maybe you saw it in there?
  Oh and one other little thing about me that you can't possibly know cause you never see me or see a decent photo of me.........I have my nose pierced. When everyone I knew were going off to get a discreet little tattoo where no one would see it, because they were turning 40, I got my nose pierced instead.
So what little things haven't you shared with us yet? Join in with Lisa and share.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Place and Yours-Introduce Yourself

I really don't think Cherie is playing fair this week with her theme but here goes. This is me and the baby, we are never too far apart. She is just one of the menagerie that lives at my house.  I am a mother to four grown up children and a mother to the animals that live in our house, a crafter, a collector or hoarder (you choose) a gardener, currently a student and oh so many more things that would take far too long to tell. To  learn about other bloggers, you will have to visit Cherie here

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Just one little bunch of Daphne totally fills the house with it's sweet scent. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

JaM-A week of Technology and Sweet Little Things about Me-My Favourite Childrens Book

JaM - A Week of Technology

JaM - taking Just a Moment to gather & share the things you have noticed, consumed, created &/or bought during your week....

It seems that you are never too old to learn new things and to just have a go at things you never thought you would do. A couple of months ago I started an online Tafe Course and I am slowly adjusting to being 'back at school' again after quite a few decades. This week I had a couple of classes with a 'trainer' and of course being an on line course meant the classes were online too.  Wednesday morning, 7.30am saw me chatting to my trainer who was at her house in Auckland, NZ  via Skype and 2.30 that afternoon I had another meeting on Skype with a different 'Trainer' but this one also saw us sharing and working on the same page online.  It is simply amazing what we can do just sitting in a chair in front of the Computer and I am sure that along the way I am going to learn a lot more.

I also met up with an old friend thanks to my son Ben buying a new PS3.  When the kids were young they had a Playstation and Crash Bandicoot was one of the games I loved sitting down and playing. It was fun to sit down the other night and get re-acquainted with Crash and all his adventures. Ben keeps asking me if I want to find some more modern games to play but I am quite happy to sit down now and then and visit with the old and familiar.

This week for me has been all about Technology, both old and new. What have you been up to this week, do you want to Take a Moment and share?

Sweet Little Things About Me - My favourite Childrens book

When I was in Primary School a little while back, we  had reading in the Library once a week and we would have a chapter of a story read to us. There were probably a lot of different books read over the years but the only ones I remember are the Faraway Tree series and the Magic Wishing Chair books.  We would hang on every word and would wait very impatiently to hear the next installment.


The only other one's I remember are The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe which has also continued to be a favourite.  I have only recently bought the complete boxed set and will read them all again one day.  And Milly Molly Mandy-There is a very old copy in the cupboard somewhere.


Maybe these are the reason I love Fantasy Novels now.  For more reading memories visit Lisa here,

Sunday, July 22, 2012

My Place and Yours-Collections

Cherie says that if you have more than three of anything it is a collection. I have more than three of many, many things and if you have been visiting my blog for a while you would have already seen a lot of it.
So today I decided to wander around outside and see if there were any collections happening out there......and there was!

It seems I have accumulated quite a bit of Rusty stuff in the garden, anything from old farm equipment to pots, toys and cooking implements. I also counted at least 5 wooden ladders but that is a collection for another day I think. Do you have more than three of anything? Come share them with us here.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

JaM-Dabbling in the Sewing Room

JaM - taking Just a Moment to gather & share the things you have noticed, consumed, created &/or bought during your week....
This week I have managed to find a little more time to play up in the Sewing Room and there has been a lot of different things happening up there.

 I found a set of Bias making tools in a drawer this week and had a bit of a play with them
 Put together a couple of Dolls for the Website

Dabbled in a little embroidery

And put numbers and Logos on the inevitable pile of Football jumpers.
I have lots of new fabric to walk around until it tells me what it wants to be
and came home with a couple of Doileys and a Vintage Apron from the Op Shop.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

My Place and Yours-My Bedside Clock

Cherie asks to see our bedside clock this week and that is one thing I don't have beside my bed. I don't really need one at my house because.........

 This wakes me up at 4.30 EVERY morning as he heads off to milk the cows.
 And just in case I fall back to sleep......This wakes me EVERY morning at 5.30 cause he needs to go outside NOW
And just to make doubly sure that I start my day guessed it. She does the 6.30 shift.

Do you have a bedside clock or a family that wakes you on time every morning? Join Us with MPAY this week over here.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sweet little Things about me and JaM

It's been a busy week and the Meme's I join in with have been sadly neglected. Time for a catch up!!

Sweet Little Things about me-Collections

Lisa of Sweet Little Pretties asks to see our collections. I'm not sure she is prepared for the hoarding collecting that goes on around here.

There are Violets, Rolling Pins, Scales, Canisters, Hand Beaters, china of all shapes and sizes and of course, tins and jars.
I have Vintage hats, handbags, jewellery,gloves and coats . Vintage sewing items, buttons, fabrics, cottons, laces, sewing machines, Ladders with antique Quilt tops and Vintage Doileys. Oh and Chairs! Old wooden 'em.
It just goes on and on really. I don't think any of my Collections will ever be finished, there are very few rules apart from the older the better. I like to think I am preserving the past for future generations, not that my Collecting needs justification!!

JaM-Some time in the garden

Walking around my garden this morning I can see promises of Spring. It was more of a paddle really after an inch and a half of rain yesterday.
 Daffodils are poking their heads out of the ground
 The Camellias are just starting to flower although the rain knocked them about a little bit 

 Both the Daphne's have buds and there are white Violets 

 Jonquils will be flowering very soon.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

My Place and Yours-On My Fridge

This week Cherie is asking for a peek at what is on our fridge.  
Well there are a couple more tins that I missed last week.
And a set of spice canisters-Yep another collection!
A little vintage bowl .
And on the front a 'Crow' list pad .
What's on your fridge? 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Play Fetch With Me?

It is hard to believe that a tiny little plastic ball can strike terror into the hearts of even the strongest person.

But when it is dropped at your feet every time you stop, it gets to the point where you wish you had never given it to her and makes you wonder why as a child you always wanted a dog that happily played fetch.

And what happens if you don't bend down and pick it up?
She climbs up your leg with it in her mouth, either to get her point across or just to save you bending over to pick it up?

If it finally does end up in your hand she sits and waits for you to throw it, never taking her eyes of the ball. She cries if you take to long to do it too, which is really pathetic.

And if it is at your feet, she half lies on the floor waiting for it to be kicked.

Then she brings it back - over and over and over again with momentary distractions pulling her up for just a minute. 

The moral of this story?  Just be content with having a dog that doesn't know how to fetch because once they learn how they will never stop. (Unless you put the ball up high where they can't reach and then they just look up at it and cry.)

Monday, July 2, 2012

JaM-A Mixed Week.

I'm joining Jody again this week and Taking a Moment to share little things that have made up my week.....

My Op Shop Swap arrived from the very lovely and talented Andrea.
So many lovely  gifts in the parcel! Hand knitted mittens using hand spun wool which I have already worn, Patchwork Potholders in perfect colours and "Just a Moment" machine quilted on one of them, very clever lady. Vintage Buttons and Doilys and a Vintage book about Making things with Cane. Can you see the drawing on the top? My favourite Violets hand drawn by Andrea! I have the perfect frame for it and it will definitely go on the side board with all my Violet China. There are even tiny JAM initials hidden in the drawing!  All my favourite things in one parcel........Thank You Andrea.
 I have mixed feelings about this part of my week. My eldest son Ben has sort of moved back home. Not sure for how long or how he is going to manage going to Uni in Bendigo a couple of days a week. He is easy to get along with and to be honest, he is rarely at home when he is here but I was just getting used to a child free house. He turned 25 yesterday so I suppose he really isn't a child anymore (still is in my eyes and always will be) But then it gives a chance to spend time with him, free computer advice and maintenance on hand and maybe a night off from cooking now and then. He will probably get over being here long before I do.
Sunshine with clouds today and in the sky a flock of Pelicans which circled the house for ages and then I looked up and they had vanished. In their place was one of the resident Wedge Tailed Eagles being harassed by half a dozen Magpies.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

My Place and Yours-Looking down my street

Love a peek at what you see ...
 looking down your street or road or avenue.

That's what Cherie has asked us for in MPAY this week.
Well this is what I see when I stand at my letter box and look towards town. 
We live on the Murray Valley Highway and the town is just behind all the trees in the background.
Join in and show us what your street is like.