Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Place and Yours-Introduce Yourself

I really don't think Cherie is playing fair this week with her theme but here goes. This is me and the baby, we are never too far apart. She is just one of the menagerie that lives at my house.  I am a mother to four grown up children and a mother to the animals that live in our house, a crafter, a collector or hoarder (you choose) a gardener, currently a student and oh so many more things that would take far too long to tell. To  learn about other bloggers, you will have to visit Cherie here


Lisa - Sweet Little Pretties said...

Great Introduction and Picture! You are a collector not a hoarder = )

Pam said...

Not fair Jackie!! You're cheating coz we can't see your face. Good thing I already know what you look like. lol. and you look lovely! I have a pic of you actually and I could always be very mean and put it up on my blog......nah, I wouldn't do that to you.
and I'd say you're all 3...crafter, collector and hoarder! Much like the rest of us. :))) xxx

Andrea said...

I'm thinking Collector sounds so much nicer than hoarder (especially after watching tv show the other night on hoarders) OMG! my husband was looking at me strange !
Love the pic at the beach.........some sunshine would be lovely !!!!

Cherie said...

Oh WOW Jackie that pic is gorgeous ... makes me smile at you on the beach with your baby!
I've just had the fourth email to you, you know how I reply when you comment, returned as "Failed Mail" with no clue as to what's going on!
Hope it's nothing serious. Huge Hugs, xo.