Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sweet little Things about me and JaM

It's been a busy week and the Meme's I join in with have been sadly neglected. Time for a catch up!!

Sweet Little Things about me-Collections

Lisa of Sweet Little Pretties asks to see our collections. I'm not sure she is prepared for the hoarding collecting that goes on around here.

There are Violets, Rolling Pins, Scales, Canisters, Hand Beaters, china of all shapes and sizes and of course, tins and jars.
I have Vintage hats, handbags, jewellery,gloves and coats . Vintage sewing items, buttons, fabrics, cottons, laces, sewing machines, Ladders with antique Quilt tops and Vintage Doileys. Oh and Chairs! Old wooden 'em.
It just goes on and on really. I don't think any of my Collections will ever be finished, there are very few rules apart from the older the better. I like to think I am preserving the past for future generations, not that my Collecting needs justification!!

JaM-Some time in the garden

Walking around my garden this morning I can see promises of Spring. It was more of a paddle really after an inch and a half of rain yesterday.
 Daffodils are poking their heads out of the ground
 The Camellias are just starting to flower although the rain knocked them about a little bit 

 Both the Daphne's have buds and there are white Violets 

 Jonquils will be flowering very soon.


Jody Pearl said...

You WIN....what a fantastic array of vintage treasure and I love your reasoning behind your collecting.

How exciting to see new life sprouting in the garden - I know that those species require very cold temps to do their best which belies their happy bright & colourful presence.

Thanks for joining in JaM this week Jackie. x

Pauline said...

hi Jackie, love the collections....cheers

Barb said...

A great collection Jackie! I like your violet crockery- it's very pretty! BTW, your garden pics look fantastic- Spring is just around the corner! :)

Pam said...

You already know of course that I love your collections Jackie. Huge 'collection envy' going on here big time! lol. and of course that is my very reason behind my collections. Posterity and all that jazz!! :)
Your garden is looking great of course and showing heaps of potential.
I'm also lagging behind badly too. Even missed Cherie's last one. Let's see if I can make this week's! ♥

Suburban Farm said...

It's always lovely to see the daffodils springing forth from the ground! Our plums are starting to bud now too, so not long until spring! :)

Andrea said...

Great to see your collection of china,there's certainly some lovely pieces there and maybe a little story behind them all...............
Just love the promise of spring and those little white violets, great pic.