Thursday, July 26, 2012


Just one little bunch of Daphne totally fills the house with it's sweet scent. 


DEB said...

I always find it ironic that the beautiful Daphne always flowers in the middle of winter, usually when most people are snuffly with colds and flu and UNABLE to take advantage of the sweet aroma. This year however, I am sniffle free and my lounge room is fragrantly enhanced due to my vase of these lovely flowers.

Andrea said...

Always loved the scent of daphne,
I've planted one by the backdoor its still a little small but smells lovely, a spot of winter cheer !!

Tara said...

The flowers are pretty but how beautiful are the leaves,so glossy.
I'm having a giveaway for Aussie bloggers,if you'd like to pop over..xx

Cherie said...

Love to scent of Daph ... she's permeates through the whole house just like you say ;)