Thursday, July 5, 2012

Play Fetch With Me?

It is hard to believe that a tiny little plastic ball can strike terror into the hearts of even the strongest person.

But when it is dropped at your feet every time you stop, it gets to the point where you wish you had never given it to her and makes you wonder why as a child you always wanted a dog that happily played fetch.

And what happens if you don't bend down and pick it up?
She climbs up your leg with it in her mouth, either to get her point across or just to save you bending over to pick it up?

If it finally does end up in your hand she sits and waits for you to throw it, never taking her eyes of the ball. She cries if you take to long to do it too, which is really pathetic.

And if it is at your feet, she half lies on the floor waiting for it to be kicked.

Then she brings it back - over and over and over again with momentary distractions pulling her up for just a minute. 

The moral of this story?  Just be content with having a dog that doesn't know how to fetch because once they learn how they will never stop. (Unless you put the ball up high where they can't reach and then they just look up at it and cry.)


Jenny's Craft Place said...

Jackie, my neighbour has a long plastic 'thingamyjig' which they use to pick up and throw the ball... yes, they bought it... possibly a pet shop or hardware shop. Happy crafting, Jenny :)

Chris said...

Hey J
My old girl doesn't see the ball or stick real well now days when you throw it...same story though but she mainly just sits and waits, and waits....and waits....long after the stick or ball has been

Sad isn't it....but honestly she has found another past time and is very happy "fetching" the dunny paper from the bathroom and eating it (whilst shredding ot all over the floor in the process I might add!)

I hear'd think she would have outgrown that now at 12...but funny thing is....shes only just started this in the last 6 months! xxx

The Moonlit Stitch said...

LMBO Jackie! I do feel for you, but the look on her face! When our guinea pigs hear plastic crinkle, they squeak and squeal so loud my husband gets irritated. I told him, the treats they think are on the other side of the crinkle sound are their highlight in life - like winning the lottery for us. (I wish!). Maybe you need another one to entertain her? LOL! Have a great day ~*~Lisa

quilary said...

Oh Jackie! I can't stop laughing at this! She's done a good job of human training!

Barb said...

Aww, she's so cute! :) Nope, our dogs don't fetch. However, my Parents have a little Pomeranian who just loves to fetch his favourite ball too! Have a great weekend! x

Barb said...

Well, our terrier x just reminded me that she can fetch if/when she feels like it! lol

Jody Pearl said...

My friend has the soul mate of your dog - he got past the interview stage & actually got a gig with Customs until they very quickly realised his obsession & one true love was only ever going to be balls so they sent him home.
Ours will only do this at the beach which I am eternally grateful for. x