Saturday, July 14, 2012

My Place and Yours-My Bedside Clock

Cherie asks to see our bedside clock this week and that is one thing I don't have beside my bed. I don't really need one at my house because.........

 This wakes me up at 4.30 EVERY morning as he heads off to milk the cows.
 And just in case I fall back to sleep......This wakes me EVERY morning at 5.30 cause he needs to go outside NOW
And just to make doubly sure that I start my day guessed it. She does the 6.30 shift.

Do you have a bedside clock or a family that wakes you on time every morning? Join Us with MPAY this week over here.


Paula Alice said...

Cute furry alarm clocks!
I have a 4 yr old boisterous boy, hubby who gets up for work at 4.30 - 5.00 - who needs an alarm clock!?! :)
The other 2 school kids need dragging out of bed each day, so I'm their alarm clock. But mind you things seem to change on the weekends, the kids are all up early to watch cartoons. Such rare occasions when I do get to wake up on my own terms and enjoy a few moments of peace and quiet are pure bliss!

Cherie said...

Oh Jackie that's the most fantastic post ever! They're all so beautiful and isn't it amazing thta they all know their time zone! Thank You for playing along. Absolutely adore your post ... will keep me smiling for days ;)

Lib said...

that did give me a smile, Jackie. Lucky you!

Pam said...

lol. ditto Jackie! Hilarious and a great post! At least they don't need winding up or a battery.....just filling up! lolol, ♥

Andrea said...

Very funny Jackie, now you just have to train them to all get up at the same time !!