Thursday, September 26, 2013

Things Change.

I was recently given this tin and although it isn't in the best shape it has a couple of points that make it worth keeping on the shelf
My kids are having trouble getting there head around the fact that once ice-cream could be bought in a tin. Especially as the tin has rust inside it (that's because it's old) I suppose it probably wasn't the best way to do it but packaging wasn't quite as disposable back then as it is now.  Everything was recycled if possible although I don't think the term recycle had been invented then.
The second thing is that it proudly proclaims on the top of the tin, 'Artificially coloured and flavoured' .  Now days that poor tin of ice-cream would sit on the shelf forever. How times have changed.

I managed to get out and play on my new toy yesterday. The lawns looked lovely, especially as it only took me a couple of hours to get them done. Just like last time I mowed, there are strong winds today and they are covered in twigs and leaves. Cato is loving it, running around madly trying to catch everything that flies past, but poor Fred is hiding. He is such a sook of a cat!!!!
Dave and I have spent a lot of time working on a new garden bed at the side of the house. I managed to get a trailer load of soil for it this week and it is edged with sleepers that came from an old bridge in the area.It is looking amazing and when it has been planted I will put up some before and after photos.
Today it is back to the books. There has been so much going on this week that my study has been badly neglected, the lure of warm spring days is no help either!!!!!

Friday, September 20, 2013


It's been a month since I sat down and told you all the goings on here. Spring has arrived and everything is budding up and looking fresh and beautiful. At the beginning of the month we had some really beautiful sunny days which was very much appreciated after the cold foggy winter. It's still cold enough to keep the fires burning though.

 A couple of weeks ago I helped my son move to the town he is now working in as a Town Planner. It is only an hour away but he got sick of travelling to and from everyday, dodging kangaroos and deer on the road.  Everyone else was either working or busy so it was just the two of us and he was most impressed at what his mother is capable of when she has to be. My body wasn't too impressed for a couple of days after though. I'm not used to lifting fridges, beds and all manner of furniture. I have Brownie points to use when I need them now!!

Typical of Spring we have had over 2 inches of rain in the last week or so. My yard had only just dried out enough to mow it, now I will have to wait a couple of weeks for it to dry out again.....if it ever stops raining!!!!

But on the other hand, the rain has helped the gardens along and they are looking amazing. A friend in the US said she was looking forward to some photos of my garden to get her through the Winter and I realised they have been few and far between lately. 
I am slowly working through another course, which is far more involved than the other ones I have done. It is really pushing my poor old brain this time. My sewing has been badly neglected and I think for sanity's sake I need to get up to the sewing room and create a few things.  I have been very involved with volunteer work at the local hospital, sitting in on committees as a Consumer Advocate and helping put together next years Calender. All very interesting and I am learning heaps about how our health services work. 

I have celebrated a birthday in the past month as well. I was very lucky to get this gorgeous spray of orchids from my dear old friend, last year she gave me green ones. I think I like these ones more. She gave me a very old Jug to add to my collection of Violet china as well.  I had a lovely Birthday with lots of gifts and Nicky came home and cooked dinner for me (all healthy stuff of course) and Dave cooked me a birthday cake of which I was allowed a small piece.  My healthy eating plan I talked about a while ago is paying off and to date I have lost over 8 kilos. 

Just when I though my birthday was over, this arrived here last night. No more pushing the mower around my very large yard for over 4 hours. This little beauty will see it done in no time. I just have to wait now for the rain to stop and the yard to dry out. Don't you just hate getting something new and then having to wait for ages before you can use it?