Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Place & Yours : Blog HQ

This week the Theme Queen is Ninon. and she has chosen Blog Headquarters as our theme. Blog Headquarters in my house is in a corner of the hallway between the kitchen and the loungeroom. The table is an old Post Office table that was given to me years ago. It is just the right size for the 'puter, my soon to be replaced screen, antiquated keyboard ('cause my son wrecked his and took my new keyboard) and my printer. There is a gorgeous Heart make Do made from an old Quilt which was given to me by a very dear friend and my Cat Mug my kids gave me years ago and I've managed to keep in one piece. Keeping with the totally unintentional Heart theme is a Heart Quilt I made in 2003 (That's why it's important to label your Quilts! :) There are a few mags and my diary tucked next to the screen and I keep my cameras, tape measure and all manner of bits in a box next to the printer. Don't worry it's not usually this tidy! I think Pip is creating mass Spring cleaning with this meme, which probably isn't a bad thing. I wonder which bit of the house I will be cleaning next week............?


Thursday, October 29, 2009

More glimpses of the Back Shed

Just for Pam here is the rest of my space.  This is the opposite end of the room. There is a very old cupboard my daughter gave to me which I use to wrap and weigh my parcels. All manner of bits and pieces are stored in the cupboards and drawers. Next to it is a very sad little desk I picked up from a second hand shop. I have my rusty stuff, pipberries etc on here.  I have two fantastic trestle tables in the middle of the room that are generally covered with whatever I am doing.

This is where I keep my fabric, magazines and all the other things I use all the time. No way will I open the doors for you cause it is always a jumbled mess. Most of the old suitcases on top were given to me by an elderly friend, they were her Aunts so no telling how old some of them are. The sewing machine is an old singer that you work by turning the wheel at the side. Picked that up from a garage sale.

More storage and an old table full of my latest makings. There is a sweet little chair in the corner which was my husbands when he was a child.

Next to the big storage cupboard is a little iron bed and more old trunks. I haven't got a small mattress for the bed yet so lose the ends. A nice place for an afternoon nap or a read. The Quilt under the airconditioner is the one I did for Homespun Magazine and the one on the end is the Sample Quilt for a Mystery Quilt Class I held a couple of years ago. Now I have shown you around I better get back up there and get sewing!!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A glimpse of the Back Shed

I rarely have a tidy work space but recently I did have a clean up and took photos just in case it never happened again! I won't put all of them up this time, some will be saved for another day. Just inside my sewing room door is a large wooden box that was used over 60 years ago to store camping equipment. We have turned it on its side and put shelves in it. There is a glimpse of the table with my sewing machine and some of my makings scattered around. The sewing table is an old pine table that is close to 100 years old I rescued before it went up the tip. It is scarred and a little wonky but has such character! I have old bottles on the window sill full of buttons and an antique oak side table with my cutting mats on it. I'm not going to go off trying to imagine what each piece of furniture was used for or what sort of life it had (I'll leave that up to my friend Chris who's soooo much better at imagining than I am!) though I do know the pine table was used to cut up sheep it has the scars to prove it  then it lived in a garage with all sorts of accumulated junk on it.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The whole kit and kaboodle!

I mentioned and showed the Doll I received last week but there was so, so much more in the parcel.  Robyn Vella of  Sugar Pie Prims sent me this wonderful collection of goodies as part of the Chocolate crow Trader Doll Swap. I thought I would just put a pic of the whole kit and kaboodle up to show you just how spoilt I am! Once again, thank you Robyn!!!!

My Place and Yours:Bedside

This is the second instalment of Pip's Meme, My Place and yours. This week's Theme Queen is  Pottymouthmama. and the Theme she has chosen is 'Bedside"
Not much on there this week-the book I am reading, my getting more essential everyday glasses and the gorgeous doll I received this week in the Chocolate Crow Doll Swap. Not just a doll but a Cat and a whole lot of other little treasures! Of course my watch and whatever jewellery I have just taken off is usually found here as well, unless Maggie my Cat decides they look like a good toy......then you never know where they will turn up!! Underneath is a basket full of magazines which I really need to clean out as there is no room left to shove anymore
I'm really enjoying doing this Meme, can't wait to see what the next Theme will be.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

On The Shelf

Well I spent all day wandering around trying to decide what shelf to put up (not that there are that many in the house!!) I love my Violet China. My Mum started me off with some of hers and since then I have collected it from Op Shops, second hand shops and probably half have been gifts. I've stacked my Quilts under and over them handy to grab on a cool night.

But then I saw my Dad's books sitting on the shelf in my bedroom, they are one of the things that remind me of him as he passed away nearly 20 years ago.
So rather that dither all night wondering which one to show, your getting them both! Much easier for me and you get two peeks at what's in my place.
(I'm glad the sewing room is such a disaster cause I would have looked at the button jars or the grungy little old desk with all the bits and bobs on it and then the procrastinating would have been even worse!)
If you want to see more go to.......

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Stay Tuned

My Place & Yours is a brand new meme from Meet Me At Mikes. This will be a first for me. So watch this Blog tomorrow for my pic of what's 'On my Shelf' Won't be too early cause I'm having trouble deciding which shelf to show


It has been an exceptional Spring, more rain than we have had in years. Everything is green and lush and I just had to share some photos with you. Maybe (if I remember) I can take photos of the same areas in the Summer. It will be a very different picture, I can assure you. Today has been the first in ages that it hasn't rained, a great 'get the washing dry' day.The first photo is my sewing room.  If I can ever get organized I may even take you IN the sewing room. It is way away from the house, built into the corner of the big machinery shed. Any mess is MY mess, the music is MY music and I can even have smelly melts scenting the air! Sometimes LIFE IS GOOD!

The door to my sewing room



From my Dining Room Window

Towards the Creek from my Backyard

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Harvest/Thanksgiving on TCCT

Just a quick one to let you know the new edition of The Chocolate crow Trader is out tomorrow! It is a Harvest/Thanksgiving theme and I'm sure there will be heaps of amazing items on offer. This gorgeous Scarecrow is one of the items I have on my page in The Chocolate Crow. Today I finished my Doll for the swap among the Contributors to The chocolate Crow Trader. Posting day is tomorrow. Can't wait to see my doll when it arrives!