Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Harvest/Thanksgiving on TCCT

Just a quick one to let you know the new edition of The Chocolate crow Trader is out tomorrow! It is a Harvest/Thanksgiving theme and I'm sure there will be heaps of amazing items on offer. This gorgeous Scarecrow is one of the items I have on my page in The Chocolate Crow. Today I finished my Doll for the swap among the Contributors to The chocolate Crow Trader. Posting day is tomorrow. Can't wait to see my doll when it arrives!


Pam said...

All your TCCT items look brilliant Jackie! I really must get myself that Tula Mae pattern. Have been meaning to for a while now. She looks adorable. And that cake looks scrumptious! Really does look good enough to eat. lol. x

The Back Shed said...

Thanks Pam, it worked well didn't it?
Love your cTCCT item as well, we are all so clever.