Thursday, October 29, 2009

More glimpses of the Back Shed

Just for Pam here is the rest of my space.  This is the opposite end of the room. There is a very old cupboard my daughter gave to me which I use to wrap and weigh my parcels. All manner of bits and pieces are stored in the cupboards and drawers. Next to it is a very sad little desk I picked up from a second hand shop. I have my rusty stuff, pipberries etc on here.  I have two fantastic trestle tables in the middle of the room that are generally covered with whatever I am doing.

This is where I keep my fabric, magazines and all the other things I use all the time. No way will I open the doors for you cause it is always a jumbled mess. Most of the old suitcases on top were given to me by an elderly friend, they were her Aunts so no telling how old some of them are. The sewing machine is an old singer that you work by turning the wheel at the side. Picked that up from a garage sale.

More storage and an old table full of my latest makings. There is a sweet little chair in the corner which was my husbands when he was a child.

Next to the big storage cupboard is a little iron bed and more old trunks. I haven't got a small mattress for the bed yet so lose the ends. A nice place for an afternoon nap or a read. The Quilt under the airconditioner is the one I did for Homespun Magazine and the one on the end is the Sample Quilt for a Mystery Quilt Class I held a couple of years ago. Now I have shown you around I better get back up there and get sewing!!!!


xkhem said...

hey are u a vintage collector? Anyways just letting you know i'm a follower =D

The Back Shed said...

Yep anything Vintage. My house looks like a second hand shop in my kids opinion but I prefer to think I am preserving the past. lol Thanks for following my Blog.

Sugar Pie said...

Hi Jackie, I absolutely love The Back Shed.....When can I move in ????xxxx Robyn

The Back Shed said...

Anytime you want, plenty of room for you and me and maybe a couple more.

Pam said...

Just for me!? :o) Thanks Jackie. I'm touched. No not in the head either! lol.
I always like to say I'm keeping things (esp if it's my mother's) for posterity. :o))
Ok, I'm volunteering to one of the couple more. Save me a space beside Robyn!
Oh yes!......luuuv your shed. xxx

The Back Shed said...

Ok You have a spot in the room.
Thanks Pam