Saturday, October 17, 2009


It has been an exceptional Spring, more rain than we have had in years. Everything is green and lush and I just had to share some photos with you. Maybe (if I remember) I can take photos of the same areas in the Summer. It will be a very different picture, I can assure you. Today has been the first in ages that it hasn't rained, a great 'get the washing dry' day.The first photo is my sewing room.  If I can ever get organized I may even take you IN the sewing room. It is way away from the house, built into the corner of the big machinery shed. Any mess is MY mess, the music is MY music and I can even have smelly melts scenting the air! Sometimes LIFE IS GOOD!

The door to my sewing room



From my Dining Room Window

Towards the Creek from my Backyard


Pam said...

Looks gorgeous Jackie! All of it. Lucky you to have that wonderful view!

RoseMary said...

Love the outdoors.
I love looking outside when working on crafts, sewing, quilting.
Would love a closer look at the front door of your sewing room.

The Back Shed said...

I may have some photos soon Rosemary. You will just have to be patient with me. Thanks