Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Power of Praise

I  always praised my children when they proudly held up a drawing they had been working on for hours, or brought me the first sentence they wrote, even if I didn't have a clue what the picture was or what words they had written.They are growing older and leaving home but I still tell them how proud I am of what they are doing no matter how big or small the achievements are. I know my small words of encouragement or an enthusiastic 'well done' make them feel good and gives them confidence but I just didn't realise how good it can make you feel.
Since starting my Website my children have been my greatest supporters giving me words of encouragement and telling me 'well done'. The website is nearly a year old and my Daughter still makes sure she emails  to tell me she especially likes something I have done or just a simple 'well done Jackie' and my sons check out what I am making and sometimes ask if they can have one of those or tell me that is pretty cool Jackie. There is no feeling like it, really there isn't!
Even though it isn't an effort, make the effort to praise your children and your partner, your friends and family on their achievements no matter how small they are. It is a wonderful gift to give someone.
Never underestimate the The Power of Praise

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Enchanted Moments said...

And for reminding me to do a little bit more of that around here Jack, I say to you..."well done..."