Wednesday, September 9, 2009

designing again

I'm constantly wondering when my life got too busy to find time to sit down and draw up my own designs. I know I had the time once but it seems to have vanished of late. I love my Website and making things every week but all I have time for lately is making up other peoples patterns. Of course they are only patterns that I love but still....they are other peoples.
Today I decided enough was enough and I found some time to draw up some dolls that have been trying to come to life for some time. They are coming along beautifully though I must admit they definitely will not be most peoples cup of tea. Sometimes you just have to do something to please yourself and not worry about whether it will sell or not and thats just what I'm doing.
They will make their first public appearance on Sunday night both here and on my Website, not even a sneak peak before then....Sorry


Pam said...

Killjoy!! :) X

Enchanted Moments said...

I shall make sure I pop in to the website and have a nosey........
Have fun............x