Monday, July 2, 2012

JaM-A Mixed Week.

I'm joining Jody again this week and Taking a Moment to share little things that have made up my week.....

My Op Shop Swap arrived from the very lovely and talented Andrea.
So many lovely  gifts in the parcel! Hand knitted mittens using hand spun wool which I have already worn, Patchwork Potholders in perfect colours and "Just a Moment" machine quilted on one of them, very clever lady. Vintage Buttons and Doilys and a Vintage book about Making things with Cane. Can you see the drawing on the top? My favourite Violets hand drawn by Andrea! I have the perfect frame for it and it will definitely go on the side board with all my Violet China. There are even tiny JAM initials hidden in the drawing!  All my favourite things in one parcel........Thank You Andrea.
 I have mixed feelings about this part of my week. My eldest son Ben has sort of moved back home. Not sure for how long or how he is going to manage going to Uni in Bendigo a couple of days a week. He is easy to get along with and to be honest, he is rarely at home when he is here but I was just getting used to a child free house. He turned 25 yesterday so I suppose he really isn't a child anymore (still is in my eyes and always will be) But then it gives a chance to spend time with him, free computer advice and maintenance on hand and maybe a night off from cooking now and then. He will probably get over being here long before I do.
Sunshine with clouds today and in the sky a flock of Pelicans which circled the house for ages and then I looked up and they had vanished. In their place was one of the resident Wedge Tailed Eagles being harassed by half a dozen Magpies.


Pam said...

Ooh lucky you Jackie! and how clever is Andrea! She got you pegged didn't she!? :) I can't wait for my swap to arrive!
Oh well quality offspring time, free pooter stuff and having a meal or two cooked for'll probably love it! lol
Oh my! Don't think I've seen that many pelicans together before! Is there a lake or something close to you? I LOVE of my most favourite birds. Just lovely Jackie! Great shot. x♥

Jody Pearl said...

WoW - what a clever & thoughtful parcel of treasure you received from Andrea.

Hope you'll pop over and leave photos and a link on the flickr site so everyone can share your joy.

Having the grown kids pop back home from time to time for the occasional sleep-over is something I'm LOOKING forward to very much - their cooking skills need to improve though.

I'm always in awe of flying pelicans as they look far too big to stay up.

Thanks for being a part of the Swap and for joining in JaM this week Jackie. x

The Moonlit Stitch said...

Love your goodies Jackie! ENJOY! The dynamics of our relationships changes as we age - having your son back home not quite the same as when he was younger...someday you will look back with him and say "remember when you moved back home in your 20's..." These days are our future memories in the making. (I will light a 4th of July sparkler for you tomorrow! LOL!) ~*~Lisa

Andrea said...

The Op Swap has been fun......Iv'e been wearing my scarf today!
Hope all goes well with your son moving back for a little while, hope he knows how to use a washing machine.(ha) Love your pic of the pelicans, don't think Iv'e seen them in a flock flying before, amazing.
Have a great week.