Thursday, February 10, 2011

Holiday mode

I've run away from home, done the traditional thing and........Gone home to mother. It's been a lovely few days so far sleeping in, then whiling away the day in the shady courtyard off the dining room. Maybe wandering into the shops for a few things or buying lovely fresh prawns off the boat for dinner.                        
Of course my little dog has come with me and after a few unsettled days she has found the perfect spot to keep an eye out for birds up in the grapevine. Of course Joy (my mum) isn't too impressed with where she has decided to sit but what can you do really?
It's going to be really hard going home after a few weeks of this but I'm not going to worry too much about that right now. I'll just enjoy being in holiday mode while I can!


Chris said...

Good to see you are taking it easy for a change and not worrying about everyone else.....enjoy it while you can xxx

Jenny's Craft Place said...

Have a good time....but not too good, or time will fly so Happy crafting, Jenny :)

mel @ loved said...

What a lovely little break, enjoy your time with your mum!

Anonymous said...

Home is where your Mum is isn't it ?? looks like a nice spot to spend some quiet time, enjoy :o)