Sunday, January 17, 2010


I have come to the conclusion that Buttons are like Clothes. No matter how many you have you never have what you want when you want it!
Today I have had hours in my sewing room which is a rare thing at the moment with Ben claiming it as his bedroom while he is home from Uni. It has been lovely finishing things off and starting new projects.
But then came the Button dilemma. I needed Brownish buttons for eyes. not hard you think, well they had to be just the right Brown you know.

In this jar are probably half of my Brown buttons and it took half an hour to sort through and find almost the right buttons. Not perfect but they had to do.Every time I had need of a Button which seemed to be often today, the right one was impossible or very hard to find. And you can forget about trying to find two the same!!!
I did have a look in here..........

and in here......

and even in this lot.....

Maybe I should have pulled the Jar of red buttons, blue buttons, yellow buttons or Green ones off the shelf too. Or one of a multitude of other jars with round and sometimes not round treasures inside.
So after so much trauma I have decided to start 'collecting' even more buttons so the chances of having just the right one when I need it are higher than they are right now.
I better go now, I have to go through my fabric stash cause I'm sure there will be just the right piece of fabric for that other project I started...........................


Chris said...

Oh dear are starting to sound like

Great collection of buttons! least I'll know who to call if I need a button or two to stop my pants from falling

Pity we can't pay for things "with buttons" as my mum used to say!...cause you'd be set!!xxx

Pam said...

and I thought I had a huge amount of buttons Jackie! Ok, you win! lol.
But I know what you mean about the right ones! Same thing here. :)) x

The Back Shed said...

Chris I could never sound like you, really I couldn't. It's all to do with the unique way your brain works! lol. Plenty of pants buttons here when you need one
though a safety pin always works in a pinch.

Pam, you have no idea. The buttons I photographed really are just the tip of the iceberg. Clothes, buttons, fabric....I'm sure no one has just the right thing when they look for it!!!