Thursday, January 7, 2010


I received some lovely gifts this Christmas too many to list actually. My daughter was extremely generous and the thought she put into each parcel was overwhelming. Everything was perfect and showed just how well she knows her Mum. The thought that goes into a Gift is usually more special than the actual Gift itself, knowing that someone cares enough to go to the trouble of finding the perfect thing for you.
One gift I received this year brought tears to my eyes, it was so special not only for what it was but also the sentiment behind it. From a friend of a few years now, one I can (and do) talk to for hours at a time about everything and we are in touch nearly everyday.  Only thing is, we have NEVER met face to face!!!

I told someone last night that she had sent me a scruffy old pair of second hand boots with holes in the toes. But they are so much more than that! High Button Boots from the USA Circa 1900 How sweet are these? In her usual fashion she also sent me a story to go with the Boots.

I think the greatest gift she has ever given me is her friendship and love. The Boots are just a bonus :)

This leads me into my sort of New Year Resolution meet at least one, hopefully more than one of the friends I have made since I joined The Chocolate Crow Trader. We talk about 'One day when...' all the time, we phone, email and meet in the Chat room, we have similar interests, values and can talk to each other till the cows come home about everything from our latest creation to what a crappy day we have had. It just doesn't seem right that I have never met some of my very best friends face to face so I am determined that it WILL happen. There is another Best friend I have known for over 30 years, who lives an hour away and I never get to see her either. How slack is that?  This is going to change as well. You have all been warned...I am on my way!


Pam said...

Not if I beat you to it Jackie! lol.
Beautiful post. You're definitely blessed. x

The Back Shed said...

Thanks pam. Apparently the race is on? x

Chris said... dear friend, I am so glad that I was able to touch your heart with my little gift.

Your words were truely beautiful but I would like to add one thing if I may.... my friendship to you is only a small repayment for all that you offer to me by way of support, praise, giggles, encouragement and mostof all a lovely easy friendship that has endured the miles for at least 4 years now...and I am sure will be around for many more.

We WILL meet (it would have been last weekend had things been a bit different) and I can assure you it will be sooner rather than later!!

Big hugs to you my friend xxx

The Back Shed said...

Thank You,I think we give to each other equally which is a true friendship. Hopefully it really will be sooner than later.

Cherie said...

Oh Gadzooks woman what a treasure you must surely be - these are gorgeous ... my intuition was spot on ... you definitely are ;)

Miss Prudence said...

thank you Jackie and Chris, I enjoyed this story so much. I am touched by this and know neither of you!
Wonderfully warm story. thank you