Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Family, Cats and Christmas!

Merry Christmas is over and we are now heading into Happy New Year! The best thing about Christmas is having my family home, especially my daughter! Surrounded by Testosterone all year it is nice to have another female in the house for a few days.

 She arrived with her babies, one of which settled in very quickly. You saw little Sparrow in a previous post when I brought her home from work.. She has grown heaps since Nicky took her home and is very very cheeky!

 Atticus aka Fatty took a bit longer to settle. Lots of hissing, snarling and random attacks until he found a safe hole behind my bedroom curtains

But given time he has settled down very nicely.

It was a lovely day with lots of food, family and presents! I did very well out of the day and the thought and love that many people put into their gifts made them even more special. It was such a lovely cool day too which was a bonus, it made it much easier facing up to cooking and eating a Roast turkey lunch.
The New Year will be here in a minute and I'm looking forward to all that it may bring. Through my Blog and website I have met so many people and formed wonderful friendships. It's going to be fun continueing the friendships, maybe making more new friends and sharing my life with anyone interested in reading my Blog.
Happy New Year to you all, I'll talk to you again in 2010!!!!


Chris said...

Happy New Year to you also Jackie and thanks for sharing your "wisdom" with us this year....look forward to more updates in 2010 xxx

theoldboathouse said...

Hi Jackie, You are so lucky enjoy the special time with your daughter, happy New year look forward to lots more fun blogging together this year, cheers Katherine

Sara said...

Ha! fluffy little things. Happy New Year :)