Thursday, December 10, 2009

T'was a fortnight till Xmas.................

T'was a fortnight till Xmas and out of the trunk, came tinsel and Stars and more Xmas Junk

                         The tired old tree is revived yet again, with baubles and  stars and all the kings men!

Santa appears on the cupboard and wall. The little ones scatter themselves in the Hall.

The Snowmen gather in a life risking huddle, let's not light the heater or they will be a puddle! .

The Prim Ornies and tinsel as you can see, exclusively hang on the Dining room tree.

Kinder creations in pride of place, tinsel, buttons  and even some lace.

Candy Canes hang from the doors in the home, and in the kitchen, a lone deer does roam.

We mustn't forget to chill a bottle or four (maybe we better get  more!)
Now we have roasting and baking to do, as we all shake our heads muttering 'My the year flew!'
Here is my house crammed with Christmas Cheer, so now I can wish you


Pam said...

Lololol!!! Brilliant Jackie! Luv it, really I do. How clever are you to make it all rhyme?
and a wonderful Christmas and New Year to you too. Huge hugs from me to you. xxxx

Little Ted Canvas said...

Very clever, I like it! Have a lovely Christmas!

burgundy primettes said...

Well done Jackie, you never cease to amaze me :-)) Lots of X-mas cheer to you & yours. Sandra x

Quilary said...

You've made my day with that clever rhyme and pictures. Christmas truly is coming with cheer like yours around. Merry Christmas!