Monday, February 1, 2010

My Place and Yours-Shoes

I'm a rare breed who really isn't a mad shoe collector like a lot of you out there. A pair for work, boots for winter-Black and Blundstones, my little black shoes for most of the year and a pair of sandals. I do have other shoes but I rarely wear them cause I usually go for comfort rather than style.
My daughter gave these to me for Xmas. Great for the stinking weather we have here. I have learnt though to give myself time to put them on as they have two buckles each.

These gorgeous old Baby Boots were a gift at Xmas from a very dear friend. I think they are my absolute favourite pair of shoes!!!!!

And this lovely pair I made yesterday. Not much good for wearing but look very Prim sitting on a cupboard.


Val - Apple Cottage said...

Ooooh - very prim. I love them too.

Vic said...

Ohhhhh.... I'd hate to see the feet that fit into that last pair of beauties...!

I can't believe those are baby shoes...?! Gorgeous!

Thanks for playing this week, hasn't it been fun?!