Saturday, November 26, 2011

Rats and Roadside warnings

Husband headed off to Gippsland Wednesday night to give his Brother in Law a hand with his harvesting for  a couple of days. It was present enough just to have a couple of days at home on my own but he went and bought the rain gauge for my garden on his way home. He said it reminded him of our Ratty Rats.
It  did a wonderful job measuring the almost 2" of rain that fell over night.
And then he pulled this out of the back of the ute!!! An old kerosene road warning lantern!!!
Complete with the little kerosene burner inside.  There is even a wick in the burner so as soon as I can find the kerosene I am going to see how it works.
He is getting very very good at bringing me home perfect treasures.


simplestitches said...

what a cool rain gauge!
and the old warning lantern...haven't seen one of those in years and years...

Jenny's Craft Place said...

What lovely treasures! I'd be careful about leaving the lit lantern by the window in the evening ;) Best wishes, Jenny

Ava said...

You are a treasure xx

quilary said...

You've got a keeper there - Hubby that is - as well as the gifts! Nice that the rain co-operated and you could see Ratty in action too.