Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Op Shop Swap has arrived!!!!

There was much excitement this morning when a  big parcel arrived in the mail. So many lovely things sent to me by Lisa of Sweet Little Pretties as part of The Op Shop Swap! A sweet little Xmas gift bag with tea bags, a handmade coaster and a too cute Gingerbread man. An Art to Heart Christmas Quilt pattern, a French Vanilla Soy candle and a Christmas card. I don't know if Lisa is physic or just very very clever because she has chosen the perfect jug for me.I have four other pieces with exactly the same pattern on it.
I'm feeling very spoiled today!

Knowing Lisa knits I found her some gorgeous Vintage knitting wool,needles and a Vintage New Idea knitting book. I made these sweet embroidered Babushka Dolls for no reason other than I thought they were something she might like. For a Christmas themed item I made a Patchwork Table Runner in Christmas colours but not Christmas fabric, then it can be used any time of the year.
I hope she is as happy with the parcel I sent to her as I am with hers!


Vic said...

I haven't sent mine yet! I contacted my partner though so it's okay, but of course now I have more time I am dilly dallying... ;)

Love your parcels, sent & received, so nice to get an early Chrissy present, or even one you didn't have to buy for yourself!

Lisa said...

Love love love my gift you sent me! Im so glad you like it - still can not believes that jug matches your set!

Tracylea said...

What wonderful finds!! Looks like everyone is definitely winning!

Jody Pearl said...

Fancy finding the perfect Jug - that's got to be some psychic Op-shop magic at play.

I love the thought & care that is going into the parcels - so glad you joined in!

Chris Fenwick said...

What a sweet idea !! and snap!! with the jug how uncanny is that, looks like a lot of fun.