Saturday, March 27, 2010

MY Place and Yours-Top Drawer

This weeks theme is top draw chosen by Danielle over at Danimezza. I am so late getting this one done but the Computer and I have only briefly made contact in the past week. So many things happening and too much to do!
Anyway I have finally got a minute to get this done and finding a drawer in this house that doesn't have things randomly shoved in them to the point they barely open was a challenge. Luckily I scored a new desk recently and it hasn't had time to be filled with the miscellaneous junk that finds it way into any available space I can find.
I have my Diary, address book, any pen, pencil or marker I find and two tape measures. The Vintage metal one was my Dad's. So not very interesting really, so I thought I would throw another one in.
This was a top drawer of a Vintage sewing Machine. It now sits on a sideboard full of lovely Prim melts. 
After hunting around for a drawer for this Meme I have decided I really need to go around and have a massive clean out and make all my top, bottom and even middle drawers a bit more user friendly! 
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Little Ted Canvas said...

Love your sewing machine drawer, what a great little piece!

marian said...

that looks like a lovely old desk..btw i love your old sewing machine drawer with the naive painting's verry nice.

Hope you're having a lovely Saturday afternoon, Jackie..i've got some muesli cookies in the oven..i can smell them better go & check on them :)

Tab said...

Its quite confronting to realise what other people see when we open things like our drawers to them I think there has been a lot of draw-cleaning this week.

I'm a bit worried about someone suggesting that we show what is at the back of the fridge or something terrifying like that!

Jackie said...

The sewing machine drawer is lovely, wish I could remember who painted it.
Marian I wish you were closer, Muesli cookies would be lovely with a cuppa and a chat. I managed to make scones this week!
Tab please don't give our Theme queen the idea of doing the back of the fridge!!! How scary is that?

Sarah Slaven said...

yes would have to agree with you Tab don't give anyone any ideas. Love the draws.

Nicole said...

lov your Dads old tape measure

theoldboathouse said...

I think you are very brave...alas my drawers are in a very sad state. love your sewing machine drawer and the tape measure made me smile because I use my dad's measure for measuring my ebay auction items. Must be something about dad's and tape measures. A good tip for getting drawers running smoothly is candle wax rubbed on the drawer runners and underside of drawers. hope you have a lovely week, cheers Katherine

Collecting Feathers said...

I agree with you.Every drawer in my house has to be "autumn" cleaned. Your eyes become accustomed to the mess, and it is is only when you look at it with new years that you realise the horror of it all. xxNick