Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Treasures!!!!

I don't live in a big town where there are amazing garage sales or stuff left sitting on the kerb where anyone can pick it up. I see Blogs with posts about their weekend treasures and wish I had the chance once in a while to find the wonderful treasures they share with us. But then I get these.......
Six Dinner plates with my much loved Violet Pattern on them, in mint condition from my husband. A little Anniversary present. I have looked everywhere for Dinner Plates so I can actually use my Violet China if I have dinner guests. No idea where he picked them up from but very happy he did.
A chance visit to my Brothers on the weekend saw me coming home with these.........

There are four chairs in need of a little TLC but much nicer than the ones I have now. And then I was given this one last week
which will sit nicely at the table with the other ones once I tidy it up a bit.The ways things are going I'm sure the sixth chair will find it's way here so I can complete the set.
Really I am doing alright even with the lack of Garage Sales and I don't have to get up early to get the bargains AND it is way way cheaper!!!


Enchanted Moments said...

Jackie, my jaw has hit the ground and I am going........wowooooowww at that chair with the tulip cut outs.........How absolutely fantastic...and the seat, it looks fabulous, pity it is a little worn out at the front....:(
What a great stash of things...your dinner set looks so beautiful...I hope you enjoy eating lots of roast pumpkin on those plates.............xxxxxxxx oh, while you sit your bot on those new chairs....xxxxxxxx

Little Ted Canvas said...

I'll say you're doing alright! Those plates are just lovely & what great chairs! I'm sure the 6th will certainly come your way just as these lovely ones have.

Pam said...

Ross has done really well with those beautiful plates! Maybe you could keep him for a little longer??
Your collection must be grooooowing heaps.
Your new chairs are lovely! I have sort of similar that I got from my grandmother that I recovered a while ago, and just love them. x