Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tomatoes and a gift

A few weeks ago husband visited his cousin at Batemans Bay and was fascinated with the Tomato plants he had hanging in a couple of these. Anyway he sent a couple over for us to try and they arrived today. Normally we don't put tomatoes in until well into October or even early November depending on how long the frosts hang around so it will be nice to get early tomatoes for a change. They are Upside down Tomato planters and we will be able to hang them under the veranda at night for protection. I think they look a bit silly but I suppose it doesn't matter if they work.
On Monday my Sister in law gave me a great big bag with a 'surprise' for me. She thought it might look nice sitting in a corner of the sewing room. Obviously she hasn't seen the sewing room for a while cause there is so much @$%^ in there that it will probably get lost. Maybe one day when I have nothing to do I can find some instructions on how to use it and have a little play??? One day..................!


Jenny's Craft Place said...

Jackie, given that it's a craft, I'm sure you will 'weave' it into your calendar Have fun with it, and good luck with the tomatoes! Happy crafting, Jenny

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hiya Jackie
How lovely to be given such an interesting gift, Google "how to" and I bet you have it up and running in no time. Love the funky toms if it beats the frost's go for it.

The Moonlit Stitch said...

Those upside down tomato planters are amazing-will have to try one next year! Your new loom is awesome! Have fun (then clean the first!!) ~*~Lisa

Von said...

Yes I had one and thought I remembered how Mum did it ...who has time? I gave it to the local Steiner school in the end.
Nice blog, came via Hazel's.Pop over to The Good Life or Zorro's Blog sometime, animals who think they're kids I understand.