Sunday, September 18, 2011


Nicky is home for the weekend and we had such a lovely day yesterday. After a very busy morning at the Op Shop, Second Hand Shop and the local Gift Shop we had a bit of lunch and decided to walk down the lane to check out  where they have been pruning the willows.
It looks very raw and ugly right now but in time they will grow again.

The dogs had a lovely time checking out all the new and interesting smells.

Heading home

While we were walking we noticed there were tadpoles in the water along the side of the road. That started Nicky on the remember when's. 
We took the dogs home, collected up some containers and headed back to see if we could still catch a tadpole or two. 


Becc said...

Jacki, what a beautiful part of the country you live in, love your photo's & will join & continue to read your blog, thankyou

Jenny's Craft Place said...

One of the things I miss about down South... the willow trees... I look forward to a follow up pic :) Happy crafting, Jenny

Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie,
Lovely pics! Country Victoria really is a very pretty spot! I have some very special memories. :) Barb x