Thursday, September 15, 2011

Yesterday and Today

It is no secret that I am an avid collector of China that is decorated with Violets. I have steadied up a bit in the past year or so because my collection is getting bigger than places to put it. Now days I look for the more unusual pieces and not just anything that has a Violet on it. Every year for my Birthday a very dear friend always turns up with another piece for the collection and she always manages to find something a little bit different. A bowl with holes in it??? Turns out it is a Colander. Bit fancier than the common old stainless steel one I use all the time.
 Another very dear friend sent me this absolutely gorgeous tin spice set which fits perfectly just above the stove. Birthdays bring home to me how truly blessed I am and it has absolutely nothing to do with the gifts.
A special part of my day is a phone call from Betty. She isn't related and we rarely see each other during the year but she never fails to ring and wish me Happy Birthday just because I share the same birth day with her late husband. She turned 90 this year and still lives independently, still drives and doesn't seem a day over 80.
There were lots of other gifts, the one from my husband will be in a later post as I have to set it up in the garden, phone calls and visitors. Two of my sons cooked dinner AND cleaned up . A very very nice day.
Today I went over to where I used to work and bought heaps of seedlings, a couple of azaleas, a jasmine and some other bits and pieces for the garden. They only get plants in a couple of times a year at really good prices but you have to get in early to get a good selection. No time to plant them today as I have to list on my website then put a quilt together ready to hand Quilt. It is for a lady in town who can put a quilt top together but hasn't a clue how to Quilt them so I said I would do it for her. It's only a Cot Quilt so won't take to long I hope. 
But then it is a beautiful day outside, perfect for playing in the garden...................................................


mel @ loved said...

That spice rack is fantastic, I love it! Also loving this warmer weather, your plants look beautiful, enjoy your day in the garden...

Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie,

The Violet Colander is so pretty and you've got the perfect spot for the Spice Rack too! Enjoy planting your new flowers and seedlings. How good is this lovely sunshine??? Happy Birthday! :) Barb x

Julia said...

I just adore that colander!
I'm with William Morris when he said "dont have anything in your home which is not beautiful or useful" (or words to that effect!).
Enjoy! And happy birthday!