Thursday, September 22, 2011

Garden Pests

Many years ago my husband planted Bamboo along the side of the yard as a screen. The Golden Bamboo was fine but the other one has been travelling under the pavers and anywhere else it could find. There was also some Ivy that came from somewhere that was becoming a pest as well. Time to pull it out!!!!  It looks absolutely revolting along here now but once the Bamboo roots are out my Rusty tin fence will be extended and a new garden bed put in.

The whole backyard is exposed but I have to be patient because nothing every happens in a hurry here.
At least I will have some bamboo stakes to make frames for the beans this year as well as anything else I can think of to use them for. If anyone wants any just pop in and take them. There  are 100's


HAZEL said...

So, garden pests? The bamboo and ivy or the husband?

Jenny's Craft Place said...

Forgot what I was going to say.... still laughing at Hazel's Happy crafting, Jenny :)