Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Population Growth

I know a lot of you shuddered when I said Beau had a pet rat. Well he has acquired another one in the past month or so to keep her company. Yep, two in the house are probably two too many, I hear you say.
David came home from Bendigo on the weekend and brought his three....YES THREE! rats with him. Ok that is quite enough your panicked brains are thinking. Five rats is turning into a mini plague!!!!!! On a not very necessary close inspection of Kamikaze ( wife of Godzilla and mother of Son of Godzilla) it was very obvious that there was going to be something happening in the not too distant future.

Yep babies!!!! There are nine hairless little squeaky things in there. So it wouldn't happen again I rounded up a box and some wire and set up a little nursery for Mum and babes.
In only a couple of days they have grown quite a bit, but still very very tiny.

The very awesome Godzilla is an extremely proud Dad though I think this might be the last batch of babies he manages to sire....if I have my way!
So now two or even five rats in the house seem like nothing now there are 14 of them in residence.


simplestitches said...

It sounds like a plague with that many...I know quite a few people with rats as pets and they wouldn't have anything else now.
Who cleans out the cages?

Enchanted Moments said...

oh Jackie, no....eeeeeekkkkm thats me going eeeeekkkkk not the rats...

Jackie said...

If you knew them you'd love them Suzanne. Really you would.

Remy said...

o my god, you have more than a dozen rats! that's not good, one rat, maybe two rats, but this can't be good..
btw: what are you going to do whith the babies? I hope you're not thinking of keeping them

crzylady said...

is it just too much to call you a pack rat? *GRIN* I know, it's horrible. Couldn't help it. Wish I could take a few for you. I like rats and if I weren't such a cat lady I would get one. Aurora and I look longingly at the rats and mice at pet stores all the time.

Best of luck finding homes and getting your rats fixed (?)