Monday, January 3, 2011

A week or so later

Christmas and New Year are over and we can slowly resume our normal life. No New Year's resolutions made because they would inevitably be broken.
Routine is out the window at the moment with the boys at home and so many public holidays. I no longer have the start of the school year to look forward to as Beau has finished. 2011 is going to be a year of change and adjustment I think.
I have been reading the last four books in the Harry Potter series, lent to me by Beau's girlfriend Nat (who is a mad HP fan!!) The weather has been so hot and I've had a Summer cold since just before Christmas so reading is the perfect thing to do apart from napping, dips in the pool, a little cleaning and more naps.As you can see I've had  a play with the blog as well. I don't think it will stay pink for too long.
Happy New Year!!!!!!!


Pam said...

Your header is gorgeous Jackie! Where did you get it? Not that I'd pinch it of course, but you never know, there just might be something there that I could use! lol.
It does seem a lot of pink for you I agree, but still I think it looks fabulous! xoxo

Jenny's Craft Place said...

I agree with Pam... except for the too much pink, but I only know your old blog background :) Happy crafting, Jenny