Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happiness tinged with sadness

Today we celebrate my second son David's 21st birthday. The little man who always seemed to be in something whether it was a cupboard, a big box or in trouble. It seems like such a long time ago since he was born and it also feels like it was only yesterday.
I made him this quilt for his birthday.  Something I hope he will treasure for many many years ( and much cheaper than the video camera he asked for!!!)
Tonight there will be a cake and quiet family dinner. He had his party with his mates on Saturday night and I think he's still trying to recover from that!!
This week The Chocolate Crow Trader quietly closed it's doors. It was where I first started selling my Craft online almost 6 years ago and where I received the encouragement and support to go on and open my Website. Thank You Bev for making your dream a reality and Chris for keeping Bev's dream alive.


Enchanted Moments said...

Happy Birthday David..hope your weekend was a good one, and that you help your mum recover too...

Jackie, I was sorry to hear that the Choccie Crow has shut up shop...I do hope that the crafting wont stop in your house.....x

Jackie said...

I stayed home and went to bed Suzanne, no way was I partying with that lot!!! And the Crafting won't stop either as I still have my Website.

Chris said...

Happy Birthday David sand thanks for your lovely comments re TCCT xx