Tuesday, March 4, 2014


It has been a really dry Summer this year and although there is nothing in the paddocks we are still a lot better of than a lot of Australia. 

I have never seen as many birds looking for something, anything to eat in the paddock next to our house. 
 Early this morning there were Cockatoos  Some on the ground and others sitting in one of the trees in our yard keeping an eye out. 


There are usually huge flocks of Red Rumped parrots out there scavenging around looking for the last of the summer seed. Fred thinks they are a smorgasbord but  he is far too slow and stupid to catch any of the little parrots. As soon as I get anywhere near close enough to get a photo they take off. I really must get a telephoto lens.

I tried to get a little closer but scared them off too, although they didn't go too far away. I'd like to see Fred try to tangle with one of these.

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The Moonlit Stitch said...

WHAT? You have cockatoos and parrots just roaming around??? For real Jackie? They are all in cages here. Hard to think of them as "free birds". How wonderful! The land looks to dry...hope you get some kind of rain soon, take care ~*~Lisa