Wednesday, November 12, 2014


My daughter emailed me the other day and told me to, 'update your blog woman!'. I hadn't realised how long it had been since I had put anything on here.  It has been a bit busy though.

I had a lovely weekend in Melbourne with Nicky and we browsed some amazing shops with gorgeous things we could never afford to buy. This furniture kept us enthralled for at least an hour.

We ate some amazing food, drank lots of wine and spent a couple of very nice hours at the Melbourne Zoo.

A week or so later I spent the night at my son's house in Tallangatta to get an early start to Albury for an MYOB course. He has this amazing cactus growing under his kitchen window. A couple of pieces have since moved to a pot in my garden. I actually had a sleep over at his house another night as well So I could go to  an Inspiration at home party...lots of lovely herbs and spices.

Over a month later and it is still flowering!

Toward the end of October I headed over to Batemans Bay to help my little sister celebrate her 50th birthday. Obviously it was an Hawaiian themed party and we had an absolute ball.That handsome devil in the blue with the sock and sandal thing going on is my brother. Quite a shy lad really.  

Apart from that I've just been heading to work three days a week, continuing on with my Volunteer Program which will finally be launched next week and keeping up with the garden.

Oh, and in between all that I have managed to get the quilt top finished although I'm not too sure I like the border. Going to live with it a bit and think about it before I commit to finishing it.

We also have a new visitor to the back yard. He/she seems to be always around the old vegie patch (I have put my vegies in the herb garden closer to the house. We have already had a brown snake in the yard)  There are quite a few White faced herons around our place but this is the only one I have seen in the yard.

Quickly getting back to reptiles, there are quite a few Blue tongued lizards in the yard as well. Three of them are quite large. The Brown snake we had here took up residence for a few days near where one of the big lizards live. I have stopped believing the story that Blue tongued lizards keep snakes away. Pity it's not true!


Pam said...

Well look at you catching up big time then Jackie! But I think I beat you in the time bracket....July was the last post until the blueberry one on Monday. lol!
Fab furniture. It all looks very 70's doesn't it? Loving the pigeon hole/shelving thingy!
What an amazing cactus flower! Does it have a perfume? So beautiful.
As I said on facebook, you're looking good in that photo. Been a while since I've seen you hair that long even if it was in a photo! lol
The garden looks amazing as usual. Mine looks half dead!
I rather like the quilt top with the muted colours as a balance to the inner pattern, though I suppose it would look just as good with a brighter border. All up to personal preference really isn't it?

Lovely to catch up with your news! ♥

One Earlybird said...

Lovely to hear what you've been upto. I had hoped I would've caught up with you by now to give you the giveaway kit but like you I've been so busy getting the garden ready for Garden Getabout time seems to slip away.