Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Restoration love.

If you know me at all you will know that I love Op Shops and Garage sales. In Lakes Entrance there are 6 Op Shops and Garage sales nearly every weekend. Paradise. July 30th there were  two garage sales, one of them at the Church of England. There were lots of tempting goodies one of which was a plastic bag with ''Quilt Tops'' written on it. Talk about waving a red flag at a bull type scenario. Of course that bag came home with me and on opening it I found such a treasure which made me both smile and almost cry.

Two pieces of a hexagon quilt made from vintage and possibly antique fabrics (this made me smile) and once I had looked at it properly I nearly cried. It was obvious someone had cut a very large quilt into pieces and this was only two parts of it. There was fabric pinned to the back of each piece, although I'm not sure what they had planned for it.

So many fabrics to look at

Looking at the back was scary. No neat folding over the paper, just a piece of fabric dragged over the edges and tacked in place. This was a godsend later on when I had to repair a couple of blocks. Plenty of fabric on the back!

Every block had been joined by the tiniest hand stitching and every seam had been embroidered.

This is part of the edge where the quilt has been cut.

I unpicked the part hexagons on a short edge of each piece so I could join them together.

Then I went through the fabric I have picked up at op shops to find some that would blend in with the quilt. I love vintage fabrics so I had collected a few. I had to make extra blocks for one of the pieces because it wasn't quite as wide as the other one.  I unpicked blocks here and there in the quilt to put the new ones in because I couldn't just put them altogether in one side of the quilt.

One joined and the new blocks put in place, I embroidered all the new seams in cottons as close to the original ones as I could find. I joined the pieces of fabric that were pinned to the back of the pieces of quilt to use for the backing.

I now have a single bed topper which is hand quilted inside each hexagon. I am on the look out for something suitable to bind it. I think there may be the perfect piece of fabric packed away in Corryong so I think it will have to wait for a week or two until I get home.


Jody Pearl said...

What a lovely story Jackie - she is gorgeous. x

Pam said...

Ha I knew Jody would have left a comment this quickly! A huge hexi lover if ever there was one! :)

You're a very clever cookie Jackie and you've done a fantastic job with it. It's going to look amazing when you're done! xx