Monday, June 13, 2016

New experiences for the fur babies

Beau, Miranda and Ben came for a visit over the weekend which was lovely.  

It wasn't the warmest day for a walk on the beach yesterday but we braved it.

There were fishing boats not too far off shore. No seals today.

I think we all needed to get out for a little exercise. It was the first time on the beach for the boy's dogs. They had an absolute ball. 

Beau and Miranda's new baby, Bronson

Ben's gorgeous girl, Reggie

And of course my fur baby, Machicho

Too many photos to choose from. Reggie spent a lot of time trying to eat the bubbles as the waves came in and Bronson was happy to play and investigate her new surroundings . There were so many new smells, things to see and the novelty of having so much space to just RUN!!!

Nanna enjoyed the photos and the story of our walk on the beach with the dogs. 

We certainly wore these two out. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

A walk on the beach

After a few  days of non stop rain, the dogs and I were feeling a little stir crazy so I threw them in the car and headed off to the beach. Nothing like a walk on a sunny beach to blow the cobwebs away.

All good, not many people around, no other dogs to upset things. Just a pleasant walk.

The dogs absolutely loved getting out of the house and running free.

  Machicho chased a few birds to no avail.

A bit of a swim. No dramas at all until the log in the distance became a young seal sunning itself once we got close.


It moved pretty quickly when two curious dogs ran up to it. Thankfully they were only curious and didn't bark or try too hard to catch it.

The only trouble was the dogs, well Machicho anyway, decided they were going in to find it and I had a terrible time trying to get her to keep moving up the beach. After about 15 minutes of keeping her moving and calling her back when she made a break for it, I gave up and decided to call it a day.

Once I got them past the spot they were happy to trot up the beach and back to the car.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Scrappy Dresden and an afternoon outing

We have done over 30 Blocks for  The Splendid Sampler Quilt so far and a week or so ago we did this sweet little Dresden Plate. (Hope to have a photo of all the Blocks I have done  very soon) 

 Amazing what a little inspiration will lead to. Out came my scraps and a lovely piece of fabric found at an Op Shop  and my Scrappy Dresden Plate was born. Top almost done, just need to applique them all onto the background fabric.

Before I can quilt the Dresden Plate Quilt I will finish quilting this one. I completed the top 18 months ago! Time gets away doesn't it? I am about a quarter of the way through the quilting. Now it has turned cold it will be much easier to sit and quilt, as long as I can keep my dog off my knee!!

This afternoon instead of getting on with the aforementioned quilting, Mum and I went and watched Alice through the Looking Glass. I enjoyed it even though it is probably not the best movie you will ever see.

We treated ourselves to a very delicious afternoon tea after the movie. Going to have to go for a big walk this afternoon I think.