Sunday, June 18, 2017

For my Country girl in the city.

Its winter and fairly regularly on the weekend we are out and about getting wood to keep the woodshed filled. I always take my camera with me, then in the quiet minutes waiting for the next lot of wood to be chainsawed I can take a few photos. The big trick is finding the time to get them onto the computer, edited and posted. 
Since moving home all I seem to do is work and keep up with the house. Very little sewing gets done and after being on a computer most of the week at work, I tend to avoid it on the weekends. I have had a request from my country girl in the city asking for a few photos of the country. Maybe it will make her a little homesick and she'll come home for a visit? 

The preceding photos were taken quite a while ago when we still had sunshine.  It is one of the places we go to get wood and has beautiful views down over the valley.
The following phots are from the last two weekends. It's a new spot we haven't been to for wood before. We've had a couple of weeks where we haven't seen the sunshine as a blanket of fog has settled over us and is very reluctant to leave. Looking out the window right now there is actually some sun but unfortunately I can see it starting to roll in again.

After 30 plus years the combustion stove in the kitchen decided it just couldn't go on any longer. After much thought and many freezing days we brought  this little cutie to replace it. It is so lovely and warm in the kitchen again and I still have an oven and cooktop!

And so with two fires to keep going you can understand why we are out in the fog  with the temperature hovering around 1 degree C cutting wood.


Anonymous said...

I'm feeling quite nostalgic. Maybe someday I'll get back up there...

simplestitches said...

brilliant photos Jackie...that fog is eerily beautiful.